Academic Skills 2


Course Objective

During this course, students are expected to hone the following skills:
• Displaying critical skills, both in speaking and writing
• Giving and implementing constructive feedback, both in speaking and
• Evaluating their own work and the work of others critically

Course Content

This is the second part of the Academic Skills courses in which students
will produce an academic research paper based on their work from
Academic Skills 1. In this course, students will use a number of
resources (library catalogues, specialist archives and databases) to
write an independent research paper based on one literary text (poem,
play or novel) of their own choice. Students will be expected to produce
a ‘log book’ of their research activities. The log-book will contain
step by step information that will outline their chosen academic
methods, decisions and independent self-reflection. Special attention
will be paid to academic writing skills and presentation skills that
will have been taught in Academic Skills 1.

Teaching Methods

Tutorial groups (6 hrs per week). Details will be posted on Canvas.

Method of Assessment

• Log book of Research Methodology and Reflection (70%)
• 1500 word essay (30%)
(students must pass both with at least a 5.5)

Entry Requirements

Students must have successfully completed Academic Skills 1.



Target Audience

First year BA students Literature and Society: English

Custom Course Registration

Sign up procedure: There is a slightly different enrollment procedure for this module. The standard procedure of the Faculty of Humanities has students sign up for (i) the module, (ii) the form of tuition (lecture and/or preferred seminar group), and (iii) the exam. However, for this module the instructor will assign the students to the seminar groups. Therefore, students should sign up for (i) the module and (iii) the exam, but not for (ii) the seminar groups.

General Information

Course Code L_ELBALESAV2
Credits 3 EC
Period P3
Course Level 100
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator dr. A.S. Raghunath
Examiner dr. A.S. Raghunath
Teaching Staff dr. A.S. Raghunath

Practical Information

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Last-minute registration is available for this course.

Teaching Methods Seminar*

*You cannot select a group yourself for this teaching method, you will be placed in a group.

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