Introduction to Medical and Health Humanities


Course Objective

Students are introduced to interdisciplinary approaches to health,
medicine, disease, and disability, to examine how these different
perspectives can shift our understanding of the issues at stake.
Students learn to integrate competing viewpoints and to evaluate the
impact of humanities ideas on medical research, patient treatment, and
public health policy.

Course Content

Classes focus on major issues in healthcare today, and can include
topics of specific interest to students in the class as well as those
that are in the news. Exploring subjects such as addiction, sexual
health, and mental illness, course readings and discussions will draw on
a range of perspectives, including History, Mad Studies, Gender and
Sexuality Studies, and Science and Technology Studies. Looking at
examples of projects that weave humanities approaches into medical
education, patient care, and healthcare activism, we will consider how
these activities are transforming the way we think about health and
illness, and examine the uses of art, music, design, history, and
digital media in health and medicine. The course prepares students to
take an interdisciplinary approach in their own work and to be able to
critically evaluate examples of medical and health humanities in
This course is part of the specialist Master Track in Medical and Health
Humanities. Students who wish to complete the full track are also
required to take the course Knowing by Sensing (Block 4), Objects of
Knowledge (Block 5) and Research Seminar: Medicine in Society (Block 5).
It is also possible to take just one, two, or three courses.

Teaching Methods

1 seminar per week. Students are expected to prepare for class by
completing the assigned readings and/or viewing assignments such as
watching short videos online. Regular attendance is required.

Method of Assessment

1 short paper reviewing one of the health humanities projects discussed
in class, and 1 longer paper due at the end of the course analyzing a
case study chosen by the student.

General Information

Course Code L_GAMAGES033
Credits 6 EC
Period P4
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator prof. M.S. Parry
Examiner prof. M.S. Parry
Teaching Staff prof. M.S. Parry

Practical Information

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