Master Seminar Akkadian 1B


Course Objective

- Training of language skills in Akkadian: grammar, reading of
cuneiform, translation.
- Reinforcement of detailed historical knowledge.
- Acquisition of skills needed for a scientific edition of unedited
cuneiform texts, or: skills to work with text databases.

Course Content

The topics of this course change yearly so that Research Master students
can participate in both years.

Teaching Methods

Reading and research seminar (2 hours per week). It is a combination of
Akkadian reading, independent research by the students and discussion
seminar. Students will present the results of their research in class.

Method of Assessment

Weekly assignments on the basis of original text and secondary
literature; preparations of discussions; student's oral presentation in
class (all together 40% of final grade). Take-home exam (60% of final

Entry Requirements

Advanced knowledge of Akkadian and cuneiform signs, equivalent to a BA
in Ancient Studies with a specialization in Ancient Near Eastern Studies
at the VU or at the University of Leiden, or a BA in Assyriology
acquired abroad.


Will be announced (depends on the specific topic)

Target Audience

Master and Research Master Ancient Studies with Akkadian

Additional Information

The course will alternate yearly with Master Seminar Akkadian 2B

Custom Course Registration

Due to change of lecturer, this module is taught at the UvA by dr. I. Peled (UvA subject code 17242E076Y). Module registration is still at the VU.

General Information

Course Code L_OAMAOHS005
Credits 6 EC
Period P2
Course Level 400
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator dr. I. Peled
Examiner dr. I. Peled
Teaching Staff dr. I. Peled

Practical Information

You need to register for this course yourself

Teaching Methods Seminar
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