B-thesis Genes, Brain and Behaviour


Course Objective

To become familiar with all phases of research in Biological or
Cognitive Psychology, including written and oral presentation.

Course Content

The B-thesis involves a research internship at the department of
Biological Psychology or Cognitive Psychology, a research report, and an
oral presentation on the performed research. During the preceding course
Methodology 3, you have become familiar with the literature of your
research topic and the design of your study. During the internship, you
will be involved in data acquisition and/or data analysis under
supervision of one of the members of the department. You report your
findings in a written research report (the B-thesis proper) and in a
6-minutes’ oral presentation in a final symposium.

Teaching Methods

You are allowed to start your internship only after your research
proposal (Methodology 3) has been approved by your supervisor. You will
perform your research individually or in a small group of maximally 3
students under supervision of your supervisor. The B-thesis is written
individually in APA style, and contains the subsections: Abstract,
Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, and References. The oral
presentation is aimed at informing interested colleagues of your

Method of Assessment

The final grade for your B-thesis is based on two constituent grades
(1) the quality of the internship and the written report as assessed by
your supervisor and a second staff member, using the faculty assessment
form "Evaluation Form Thesis ENGLISH";
(2) the quality of your presentation as assessed by the course
coordinators of Biological Psychology and Cognitive Psychology.

To pass the course, both constituent grades should be 5.5 or higher. The
final grade is then obtained by a 80-20% weighting of these grades.

Entry Requirements

To register for the B-thesis, you should have passed all courses from
your first Bachelor year Psychology. The Bthesis is linked to the
Methdology 3 course within the track Genes, Brain and Behaviour.
Students who did not participate in this course can only be admitted
after permission from the course coordinator.


Dependent on the choice of topic.

General Information

Credits 12 EC
Period P5+6
Course Level 300
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
Course Coordinator dr. S.A. Los
Examiner dr. S.A. Los
Teaching Staff

Practical Information

You need to register for this course yourself