Transnational Organizations in a Global World


Course Objective

The main goal of the course is to provide students with a theoretical
and critical understanding the pervasive role of globalization and how
different aspects of globalization influence our daily life and
institutional environment. The course examines the following questions:
Who wins and who loses from globalization of culture, technology, trade
and finance? Who sets the rules under which the game of international
capitalism is played? What are the forces of globalization that shape
the labour market, migration, the environment, inequality and
socio-economic and political systems? How powerful is the local
resistance to globalization? These themes are explored with reference to
cultural-social theories and illustrated through cases and actual

Course Content

In this course we examine a defining phenomenon of our times:
globalization. The concept crisscrosses the boundaries of academic
disciplines and incites debates about national sovereignty, capitalism,
development and the world system. The concept of globalization will be
highlighted from different perspectives, such as socio-economic,
political, cultural, and organizational. The influence and effects of
globalization are dynamic. Environmental issues, new technologies,
changes in economic power and
international relations are constantly changing and affecting
organizations, political systems and people in many different ways. In
the course actual events and cases will be analysed and discussed.
Students will be encouraged to form and voice their own views.

Teaching Methods

Interactive lectures, guest lectures and group presentations.

Method of Assessment

The course will be assessed through a case study/presentation (in teams)
and a final essay (individually)

Entry Requirements

Participation in Organization Sciences



Target Audience

Master students COM.

Additional Information

Students choose this course in a combination with one other course:
'Changing Organizational Culture' or 'Culture and Identity in

General Information

Course Code S_TOGW
Credits 6 EC
Period P2
Course Level 500
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
Course Coordinator dr. M.J. Verver
Examiner dr. M.J. Verver
Teaching Staff dr. M.J. Verver

Practical Information

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