Diversifying Philosophy


Course Objective

You will gain knowledge of:
a) The critical philosophies present in feminist philosophy, decolonial
and race theory.
b) The impact of ideological biases on the ways philosophy is done.
c) A broader range of philosophical authors than the canon provides

And insight into:
a) Inclusive/exclusive power structures embedded in Western philosophy
at the level of concepts, text and discourse.
b) The relation between inclusive/exclusive power structures in
philosophy and social structures.
c) Certain presuppositions e.g. cultural-premises, and the limitations
of concepts that are present in Western Philosophy.

Course Content

This course studies the exclusionary effects of the Western
philosophical canon, as well as efforts to repair them. Female thinkers
tend to be excluded in the entire history of Western philosophy.
Definitions of reason and freedom that originate in Enlightenment
philosophy had the effect to increasingly also exclude non-Western
philosophies, through racial and racist thinking. This course will draw
attention to the underrepresentation and lack of diversity that go hand
in hand with the philosophical canon. By incorporating works of
philosophers belonging to typically underrepresented groups, a critical
perspective will be developed regarding the implicit and explicit
biases in philosophy.

Teaching Methods

Lectures and seminars. Attendance is mandatory.

Method of Assessment

a) Two written reviews of the texts of max. 1000 words (30%);
b) Presentation of one of the reviews (20%);
c) Paper of max. 3000 words about a subject discussed in the course

General Information

Course Code W_BA_DIV
Credits 6 EC
Period P1
Course Level 200
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator dr. A.C.M. Roothaan
Examiner dr. A.C.M. Roothaan
Teaching Staff dr. A.C.M. Roothaan

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