Text Course I


Course Objective

Aim: The aim of the course is to teach the students how to read a
philosophical text and therefore how to formulate their own questions in
reading it. In other words, students who complete the course should have
developed the skills required for a ‘Tekstcollege’, i.e. textual
Students who complete the course should also have acquired the skills of
reflecting on philosophical texts (in translation), formulating their
own questions on them and analysing philosophical arguments.

Course Content

This course will be on Aristotle’s De anima, a fundamental text for the
history of philosophy and the history of psychology (the philosophical
theory of the soul) in particular. The course will be based on the text,
proposing articulate reflection on the topics discussed therein.
Active participation by the students is required.

Students who complete the course should have acquired a fundamental
knowledge of the philosophical themes discussed in Aristotle’s text (the
definition of the soul and of its faculties; the different kinds of
souls; the meaning of intellection), but also a general understanding of
the main conceptual issues related to Aristotle’s De anima (e.g. the
Aristotelian doctrine of potency and act; the problem of the separate

Teaching Methods

Lectures and reading sessions

Method of Assessment

The exam for the present course will include one assignment (of two

thousand words)
 and a final assignment (a paper of five thousand
words) at the end of the 
course. The mark of the exam will be based
upon the results of the participation in class (20%), and of the two

papers, according to the ratio: paper 1 : 15%; paper 2: 65%.


Aristotle’s Text and secondary literature will be specified in the
course description on Canvas.

Target Audience

BA studenten / Students in of the BA programme

Recommended background knowledge

A general knowledge of the history of ancient philosophy (Pre-Socratic
Philosophy, Plato, Aristotle and Neo-Platonism in particular) is
certainly an advantage for those who are about to read this important
text. Those who have not attended a course on the History of Ancient
Philosophy and/or are not familiar with its topics, are therefore
invited to read a text about the history of ancient philosophy (in
particular as regards Plato and Aristotle), in addition to the primary
and secondary literature for this course.

General Information

Course Code W_BA_TXT1
Credits 6 EC
Period P3
Course Level 200
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Course Coordinator dr. O.L. Lizzini
Examiner dr. O.L. Lizzini
Teaching Staff dr. O.L. Lizzini

Practical Information

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