Project Application Development


Course Objective

The main goal of this course is to give the student a more hands-on
practical experience with programming. By implementing a larger project
with a basis in material covered during the first year of the Computer
Science bachelor, you will have the opportunity to gain more experience
developing software and to show off the skill you have obtained during
the first year.

Course Content

In this course you will implement an emulator capable of executing IJVM
byte-code. The implementation will be done in C. The assignment is split
into several smaller parts that build up to the final deliverable.

Teaching Methods

One introductory lecture in the first week. 4 weeks of practical work.

Method of Assessment

Practical assignment.

There is also a mandatory oral evaluation: pass/ fail. A passing grade
for the oral evaluation is required to get a final grade for the course.


- The course syllabus
- Extra (optional) reading:
- Ritchie, D. M., Kernighan, B. W., & Lesk, M. E. (1988). The C
programming language. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall.
- Andrew, S. Tanenbuam. "Structured Computer Organization."
Prentice-Hall, Inc. New Jersey (1999).

Target Audience


Recommended background knowledge

This course is a Programming practical so we expect you to be proficient
at the level of Computer Programming (XB_40011). A good grasp of
systems architecture is also recommended.

General Information

Course Code X_400556
Credits 6 EC
Period P6
Course Level 200
Language of Tuition English
Faculty Faculty of Science
Course Coordinator S. Österlund
Examiner S. Österlund
Teaching Staff S. Österlund

Practical Information

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