Societal Resilience (research)


How do we as a society cope with complex, collective problems such as climate change, terrorism, and rising healthcare costs? Societal Resilience is the capacity to survive, adapt and grow in the face of these stresses and shocks. In this multidisciplinary Research Master’s programme, you will learn to analyze complex societal problems, but also how to collect, analyze and interpret big data, allowing you to collaborate with societal stakeholders to achieve sustainable solutions for societal issues.


Level Master
Language English
Duration 2 years
Type Fulltime
Credits 60 EC
Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
Research Master Societal Resilience First Year
Course Name Period Credits Code
Peer group Learning year 1 Ac. Year (sept) 0EC S_PGL
Big Problems P1 6EC S_BP
Qualitative or Quantitative Data Analysis P1 3EC S_QQDA
Big Data, Small Data P1+2 9EC S_BDSD
Foundations of Societal Resilience P2 6EC S_FSR
Governance of Care and Welfare P4 6EC S_GCW
Interconnectedness of Diversity and Inclusion P4 6EC S_IODI
Advanced Methods 2: Tutorials P5 6EC S_AM2
Writing a Research Proposal P5 6EC S_WRP
Communicating Science P6 3EC S_COS
Research Integrity and Responsible Scholarship P6 3EC S_RIRS