HRD Analytics

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Advanced Academic and Research Skills:
Students will analyze and optimize real-life and fictitious learning
challenges. By applying state-of-the art theoretical knowledge on
learning and HR-analytics they are able to formulate substantiated
advices as to how to adequately deal with those challenges.
Knowledge of Theory and Methods, and Solving Complex Problems:
Throughout this course students will learn about key theories on
learning and methods of HR-analytics. Those insights will help students
to: 1) Develop evidence-based HRD practices and policies and 2) evaluate
the outcomes of HRD initiatives based on complex HR data.

Professional Social Skills:
Students will gain crucial competences for their future role as
HR-professionals because they will learn to write an substantiated
papers on learning and HR-analytics. We will also focus on how students
can tailor their findings to multiple audiences.

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The Human Resource Development (HRD) Analytics course deals with the
rapidly changing Human Resource Management function. In the contemporary
world of work, one of the key changes related to developing people in
organizations is that it is becoming increasingly evidence-based. In
order to get organization wide support for costly HRD practices,
nowadays it is crucial that HR practitioners know how to apply
theoretical knowledge when designing and implementing learning programs
and know how to generate evidence of their effectiveness (e.g., transfer
of learning, return), thus measuring learning programs. The HRD
Analytics course will help you to better understand what evidence-based
HRD entails, and also provide you with tools that help you deal
effectively with HR data.

The course has two main goals: (1) to provide you with state-of-the-art
knowledge and theory about Human Resource Development and talent
management in contemporary organizations; and (2) to provide you with
the skills necessary to work with HR datasets and help you understand
how they can be used to achieve evidence based HRD-practices. Using
real-life learning and development dilemmas and data, the course will
prepare you to become a frontrunner and expert in an important, yet very
young field of study.


Tutorials (regular tutorials and computer tutorials)


Individual assessment
Group assessment


Selection of academic papers. Will be announced in the course manual.

Aanbevolen voorkennis

It is recommended - though not strictly mandatory - to have done the
previous HRM courses in period 1 and 2 before enrolling in HRD

Algemene informatie

Vakcode E_BA_HRDA
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P3
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Vakcoördinator dr. S. Nijs
Examinator dr. S. Nijs
Docenten dr. S. Nijs
drs. L.N. Hupkens

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