Designing Interventions in Business and Society

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Bridging Theory and Practice: You will obtain knowledge on the design of
aimed at influencing behavior as well as on the ethical aspects when
adopting influencing tactics. Moreover you will learn about theoretical
basis of human happiness
Bridging Theory and Practice: You will make use of theoretical knowledge
and concepts with regard to happiness, understanding and influencing
human behavior,
and apply these to real-world challenges, while focusing on the various
stakeholders that are involved (co-workers, other organizations,
consumers & citizens).
Social Skills: You will work in teams to plan and develop an
intervention, which will help you develop many of the “soft skills” that
are needed to collaborate with others and achieve challenging goals.

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This integrative project is the capstone course of the minor
“Understanding and Influencing Decisions in Business and Society”. The
course evolves around the use of theories, tactics and insights in
consumer behavior, nudging, leadership and negotiations to design
interventions that ultimately could make people more happy.
After a brief introduction in which you get acquainted with some of the
methods for designing interventions, you start working on an
intervention that addresses one of the real-world challenges that will
be selected for this course. In this project, you will touch upon (1)
design, (2) implementation, and (3) testing/evaluation phases by the
development of an action plan. Because this is an integrative course,
your intervention will be a multi-disciplinary project, combining for
example the insights on leadership with those on judgment and decision
making, or combining nudges with negotiation skills. You will work in
teams, and present your interventions, which will be judged on both
academic and managerial quality.
In the other courses of the minor you have acquired a lot of knowledge
on strategies how people can be influenced. As influencing people is
surrounded with ethical dillema's we will also give attention to the
ethical aspects of such tactics.


Lectures and small-group tutorials


Team project – group assessment
(Interim) exam – individual assessment

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All courses of period 1 & 2 in the minor “Understanding and Influencing
Decisions in Business and Society"


TBA, a literature list based on scientific articles will be provided on
the electronic learning environment

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All courses of period 1 & 2 in the minor "Understanding and Influencing
Decisions in Business and Society”.
Well-trained in academic method and thinking (i.e., with an academic

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Vakcode E_BK3_DIBS
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P3
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Vakcoördinator drs. I.J.C. Leijen
Examinator drs. I.J.C. Leijen
Docenten drs. I.J.C. Leijen

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