Applications in Economic Policy: Policy Analysis, Formulation and Evaluation

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The objective of this course is to develop your capability to
independently analyse a policy issue, design a policy response, or
evaluate a policy intervention from an economic point of view.
Specific learning outcomes upon completion of this course are:
• you are able to identify a relevant (economic) policy issue,
to motivate the urgency of the issue, and to formulate an appropriate
research question;
• you are able to locate relevant economic theory in the
literature and to apply it correctly in order to analyse the policy
issue and to identify the economic rationale of potential or actual
policy responses;
• you are able to identify, interpret and compare empirical
findings from the economic literature to describe the policy issue,
and/or the behavioural response of the market and government actors,
and/or the impact of these responses;
• you have developed a critical attitude to the relevance and
shortcomings of empirical data compared to theoretical requirements, and
have become aware of limitations in insights that can be gained from
theoretical reasoning alone when addressing real-life issues;
• you are able to present your findings clearly to academic
expert and non-expert audiences;
• you are able to work independently, while incorporating
relevant feedback into their work;
• you are able to give constructive feedback to peers.

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In this intensive period course, you work in a policy area of your
choice (e.g. international financial systems and banking regulation,
macro policy, development and growth, environment, urban/transport,
health, human capital, competition policy, industrial policy). You
write an economic policy-oriented research paper focusing on policy
analysis, design and/or evaluation.


One introductory lecture followed by weekly working groups (compulsory


Paper, presentation and working group participation

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Foundations of Microeconomics and Development of Macroeconomic Thought


Various theoretical and empirical academic papers (dependent on the

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Business Cycles and Stabilization Policy and Structural Policy

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Vakcode E_ME_AEP
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P3
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Vakcoördinator dr. W. Zant
Examinator dr. W. Zant

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