Peace and Justice Studies - Theological and Ethical Perspectives (DS)

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The student can describe and explain the understandings of peace from
both philosophical, sociological and theological perspectives.
The student can describe and explain the differences and commonalities
between standard accounts of peace and the biblical concept of shalom.
The student can analyse moral positions on peace and describe how they
lead to different evaluations of violence and conflict.
The student can describe and analyse the development of the "Just War
The student can explain how the position of the Historic Peace Churches
relates to the tradition of the "Just War Theory".

The student is familiar with the key biblical terms that relate to the
concepts of peace.
The student is able to interpret biblical key-texts on peace both from
Old and New Testament.
The student captures the dimensions of ‘Peace within Biblical Theology,
as well as the concepts of justice in ethical and theological terms.
The Student is able to give a theological account of the "Way of the
Cross" as a reaction to violence and injustice within a Christology from
a ‘Peace Church perspective’
The student is able to relate Biblical and theological concepts of peace
to actual conflicts and themes in society at large.
The student is familiar with recent developments in the field of peace

The student can explain the relevance of restorative justice as a new
development in peace studies.
The student can describe the relation between concepts such as justice,
reconciliation, forgiveness and peace.
The student interrelates peace and justice in a holistic understanding
of reconciliation.

Inhoud vak

This interdisciplinary course combines Systematic Theology, Ethics, and
Biblical Theology in exploring the themes of peace and justice. During
this course (II.) the focus is on Peace.

- How is the concept of peace defined and understood in different
academic discourses?
- How do both, peace and justice relate to each other in biblical terms?
- What does peace mean in the Old Testament and especially in the Torah
and the Prophets?
- What does peace mean in the context of the message of Jesus, and
especially within the Sermon on the Mount?
- In light of the biblical accounts, what is the wisdom of "the way of
non-violence" and "the way of the cross"? - Christological and ethical
- How does Peace relate to both interhuman relationships and the
relation between God and humans / creation?
In light of the biblical accounts, what are appropriate theological
reflections and ethical concepts of peace?

Alternative approaches to the traditional "Just War Theory" will be
introduced and discussed.

Amongst others, themes will be: The Kingdom of God, The Sermon on the
Mount, Justice in Biblical Perspective; Justice understood as
Reconciliation; God’s Justice in relation to human justice.


Lectures and workshops.

Students will prepare short presentations of literature studies and
reflections on case studies.

Primary texts will be studied and analysed together in class.


Oral presentation and paper. Requirements for the assignment will depend
on the program the student is enrolled in.


Ulrich Luz, The Theology of the Gospel of Matthew, University Press
Cambridge 1995
Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld, Jesus and the subversion of violence, London
James Reimer, Christians and War, Fortress Press 2010.
J. Denny Weaver, The Nonviolent God, Eerdmans 2013 (capita selecta).
Walter Wink, The Powers that Be, New York 1998Howard Zehr, Changing
Lenses, Herald Press 32005.

Overige informatie

Active participation in class is required as according to the exam

The module can be done independently, but is offered as a combination
with the module Peace & Justice Studies – Biblical and Theological
Perspectives I – Justice (G_DSJTBP).

Depending on the number of participants, the module can be offered as a

Aanbevolen voorkennis

The Module Peace & Justice Studies – Biblical and Theological
Perspectives I –Justice (G_DSJTBP) is recommended

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Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P2
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit Religie en Theologie
Vakcoördinator prof. dr. F. Enns
Examinator prof. dr. F. Enns
Docenten prof. dr. F. Enns
dr. C.R.B. Grube-Karrer
drs. F.Y. van Hulst

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