History of Emotions

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• Students will acquire knowledge of the concepts, approaches and
sources used to study emotions in medieval and early modern Europe
• Students will train critical reflection on scholarly debates and
literature and participate in discussions
• Writing and presentation skills are trained through written and oral

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The history of emotions is a burgeoning research field in cultural
history that is highly interdisciplinary in character. Both historical,
literary, social, philosophical and medical scholars investigate the
role of emotions and emotional behavior. In this course you will study
themes such as religious emotions in late medieval convents, early
modern medical theories about the bodily humours, the understanding of
emotions by the philosophers Descartes and Hume, emotions in early
modern theater, the concept of melancholy, the experience of fear and
sorrow. We will also iscuss the theoretical concepts and methods used
by scholars to study the cultural varieties in emotional behavior and
experience. A central and recurring theme will be the (experienced)
embodiment of emotions. Where did contemporary doctors and philosophers
locate emotions in the body? What cultural rules reigned the bodily
expression of emotions?


Lectures and literature seminars, student presentations


Short essay (30%); oral presentation (10%); Written exam (60%)
Attendance at the lectures and seminars is mandatory (80%).


• Susan Broomhall (ed.) Early Modern Emotions: An Introduction, (Taylor
& Francis/Routledge 2017)
• Additional literature and sources that will be (made) available via


The course is open to all students

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This course is part of the minor 'European History and Culture

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Vakcode L_GABAALG004
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P2
Vakniveau 200
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. H.M.E.P. Kuijpers
Examinator dr. H.M.E.P. Kuijpers
Docenten prof. dr. I.B. Leemans
prof. dr. R.W. Munk
dr. H.M.E.P. Kuijpers
dr. K. Steenbergh
prof. dr. J.M. Koppenol

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