Core Module Imagining the Image

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Participants in this course will:
1) analyse and compare relevant theories of the image in art history,
media studies, design studies and the history of architecture.
2) actively apply theories to selected case studies.
3) examine the historicity of theories of the image and the potential
contemporary relevance of older writings.
4) reflect on the wider social and cultural relevance of various
conceptualizations of the image and visibility.

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This course examines different conceptualizations of the image in the
context of historical transformations of the arts. This year's edition
will focus on critical theories of representation and visibility,
including not only art and media theory but also in philosophy, feminist
theory and postcolonial studies. Looking into representation both in the
sense of depiction (Darstellung) and of political delegation
(Vertretung), we will discuss the multiple valences, ambiguous past and
uncertain future of this concept. Contemporary artistic and activist
practices will be analysed in conjunction with the theoretical writings.


Lecture and seminar. The focus is on active participation and the
ability to artculate and discuss one's analysis.


Students write an essay that counts for 60% of the final grade;
presentations during class (30%) and participation in the discussions
(10%) make up the remaining 40%. Students are expected to be able to
discuss and critique theoretical texts at a high level of

Matching of course objectives and assessment
Objective 1: Discussion about readings (10%), presentation (30%)
Objective 2: Essay, 3000 words (60%)
Objective 3: Discussion, presentation, essay
Objective 4: Discussion

Vereiste voorkennis

Admission to Research Master's programme Critical Studies in Art and
Students from other tracks in the Humanities Research Master, and
students from comparable research master's programmes elsewhere, may be
admitted individually, depending on their background knowledge.


To be announced


Students Critical Studies in Art and Culture (Humanities Research

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This course alternates on a yearly basis with the other Research master
core-module ‘Critical Issues in the Cultural Industries’. The course
will be taught in 2018-19.

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Vakcode L_KAMPVAM003
Studiepunten 9 EC
Periode P4+5+6
Vakniveau 500
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. S. Lutticken
Examinator dr. S. Lutticken
Docenten dr. S. Lutticken

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