Sex Work in the Times of Anti-Trafficking: From a Global Perspective

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• To broaden students’ knowledge concerning the complexities regarding
• To acquaint students with the different theoretical/political
perspectives that exist regarding sex work.
• To be able to identify these perspectives in written text and the
consequences they have for research, policy and in the sex workers’
• To be able to use theoretical and empirical data to articulate
positions on the different issues regarding sex work.

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Contemporarily, sex work is a subject that frequently captures media
attention. More often than not sex work – a term which defines
prostitution from a human rights perspective – is conflated with sex
trafficking, an illegal activity in which individuals are moved across
or within borders to perform sexual activities against their will.
However, sex work is far more complex than it is often portrayed. This
course is aimed to provide students with both theoretical and empirical
knowledge which will illustrate the complexities as well as give insight
into relevant issues, including but not limited to identity politics,
HIV/AIDS, policy and legislation. Theoretically, it will acquaint
students with the different approaches that exist and the implications
they have for policy, legislation and in the daily lives of sex
workers. The course will train students to discern the different
discourses and perspectives used to research and explain sex work.
Empirically, it will explore different types of sex work from a global
perspective and give insight into the daily conflicts and achievements
of sex workers. Guest lectures will be given by individuals working or
representing organizations. In its entirety, the course offers an
extensive amount of knowledge which on the one hand, will teach students
to theoretically think out of the box and on the other hand will broaden
their understanding regarding the social, cultural and economic dynamics
which contribute to sex workers’ stigmatization, vulnerability and
marginalization globally.


A weekly lecture is followed by a tutorial in which two different groups
of students present weekly a current events poster and a presentation
of the weekly Literature. From the first week onwards students are not
only registered in a tuturial group, but within the tutorial group
fixed sub-groups are formed to prepare the two assignments Each
sub-group will prepare one current events poster and one literature
presentation. It is therefore extremely important when students come to
the first class they are certain that the tutorial time assigned to them
does not conflict with any other course, and if it does, that the
problem is solved before the first tutorial. The last tutorial session
is the final presentation of the current events posters in which an
exhibition-like event is organized open to friends and colleagues. .


Current Events Poster: 15%
Literature Presentation: 25%
Final Essay/Take home Exam: 60%
Final Poster Presentation: Pass/Fail
Students must have passed each component to receive the final grade.

Presence is mandatory in the tutorials. Compensation assignments will be
given if absence more than one time, for everytime the student is


To be determined. (Articles and book chapters)

Overige informatie

This course is a 300 level course. This implies that we expect students
to have previous experience reading and analyzing theoretical texts. For
students who are extremely motivated to take this course but are earlier
BA students, it is possible to make an appointment (via email) to
discuss the possibility to register for the class. Social science
background is a plus but not mandatory.

Algemene informatie

Vakcode S_SWAF
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P5
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. L.S. Nencel
Examinator dr. L.S. Nencel
Docenten dr. L.S. Nencel

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