Current topics in Molecular and Cellular Toxicology

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Broadening of knowledge of specific aspects of Molecular Toxicology and
ADMET related to current hot topics in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Inhoud vak

Subjects of this course/caput are optional and may vary, depending on
the rest of the program and/or the interest of the BSc-student(s). In
close cooperation with the teaching coordinator, several topics will be
chosen, focusing on induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), ADMET and
using stem cells for assessment of toxicity.

Detailed description:
The course will consist of lectures about iPSC generation and
application for toxicity study and personalized medicine, as well as
about basic developmental biology and basic physiology of target organs
in toxicity (liver, kidney and other). The students will then do an
assignment based on literature search with topics identified in the
course. Topics may vary and could for example be based on a polymorphism
in a gene involved in ADMET which may result in altered efficacy and
toxicity profiles.


Lectures, self-study, group discussions.


Oral examination with powerpoint presentation and a short written
summary of the results.
Whether assignment work is performed by each student individually or in
groups will depend on the number of students enrolled.


Starting course materials will be provided by the tutors, including
guidelines and selected papers and book chapters. The students are
expected to use this material as a start and as guidance to conduct
their own literature search.



Aanbevolen voorkennis

Cellulaire Biochemie
Bio-analyse en farmaceutische toxicologie
Farmacokinetiek & ADME-processen

Algemene informatie

Vakcode XB_0010
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P6
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. A. Wilmes
Examinator dr. A. Wilmes
Docenten dr. A. Wilmes
prof. dr. P. Jennings

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Werkvormen Deeltoets extra zaalcapaciteit, Hoorcollege

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