History of Science

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Students acquire knowledge about the history of computing from various
perspectives: computing as a scientific goal, computing as a government
(administrative or military) objective / ideal, computing as an economic
enterprise. Students acquire knowledge about the meanings digital
culture has for various people in contemporary society. Thereby students
will be better equipped to reflect on their subject of study.

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Various subjects from the history of computing will be treated. Several
highlights will be discussed and placed within the social context of its
time. By discussing these highlights from several points of view the
history of computer or information science will serve as a way to
illustrate the various roles of computing in society. The book by
Campbell-Kelly will serve as an outline, and during the lectures this
story will be complemented by presenting a European version
of the same history.


Lectures and short assignments.


Written exam (90%); assignments (10%)


Martin Campbell-Kelly, Computer: a history of the information machine,
Westview Press (2014)


Bachelor students in Computer Science, Lifestyle Informatics and IMM.

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Vakcode X_400318
Studiepunten 3 EC
Periode P5
Vakniveau 200
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. D.J. Beckers
Examinator dr. D.J. Beckers
Docenten dr. D.J. Beckers

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