Performance of Networked Systems

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Students will acquire basic knowledge of:
• performance aspects of networked systems, consisting of servers,
services, and clients
• performance engineering principles and methods
• quantitative models for predicting and optimizing the performance
of networked systems
• quantitative models for planning capacity of networked systems.
Students will gain experience in modelling, engineering and planning
performance of networked systems, and will learn how to tackle practical
performance problems arising in the ICT industry.

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Over the past few decades, information and communication technology
(ICT) has become ubiquitous and globally interconnected. As a
consequence, our information and communication systems are expected to
process huge amounts of digital information, which puts a tremendous
burden on our ICT infrastructure. At the same time, our modern society
has become largely dependent on the well-functioning of our ICT systems;
large-scale system failures and perceivable Quality of Service (QoS)
degradation may completely disrupt our daily lives and have huge impact
on our economy.

Motivated by this, the course will focus on performance-related issues
of networked systems. We study capacity planning and modeling for server
systems and wired/wireless communication networks. Moreover, we study
the client side of performance while focusing on web applications for
both desktop and mobile devices. We address questions like:
- How can we design and engineer networked systems for performance?
- How can we plan server capacity in networked systems?
- How can web applications improve performance across wired and wireless


Classroom lectures and practical homework assignments.


The assessment will be based on both homework assignments and a written

Vereiste voorkennis

The students should have basic knowledge of computer networks.


Textbook, supplemented with a reader on Stochastic Performance

High Performance Browser Networking, Ilya Grigorik, O-Reilly, 2013.


mBA, mCS, mPDCS, mEct

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Vakcode X_405105
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P4
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoördinator prof. dr. R.D. van der Mei
Examinator prof. dr. R.D. van der Mei
Docenten dr. ing. T. Kielmann
prof. dr. R.D. van der Mei

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