Honours project Business Analytics

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At the end of the Honours Project Business Analytics the student:
- knows how to formulate a research question;
- studies relevant literature (a desk study is required);
- shows he/she is capable of independent and critical reflection on
his/her own and on other relevant work;
- answers the research question using analytical and numerical methods;
- The student is able to write a report that clearly describes the
research question, the motivation for this research, the relevant
literature, the used methodology, the results, conclusions and
recommendations for the benefit of an expert manager;
- The student is able to give a clear oral presentation about the
research question, the motivation for this research, the used
methodology, the results, conclusions and recommendations.
- Is able to complete the Honours Project Business Analytics within the
allotted period (to include all required research activities)

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As part of the Honours Programme, students are required to produce a
'thesis'. This is an account of a research project undertaken by the
student further to a specific problem statement. The input for this
research may involve the use of computer-generated data, although it can
also be drawn from the existing literature.

The student records his or her findings in a written report - the
research paper - and also gives an oral presentation, both in English.
The paper should emphasize the business-related aspects of the programme
as well as the more fundamental aspects of mathematics and/or computer
science. 'Co-productions' are not permitted; the research has to be
conducted entirely by the student concerned.


The student may start with the Honours Project Business Analytics during
the whole academic year. It is common to conduct the research, write the
paper and give the presentation within one month fulltime. On the other
hand, the student is allowed to spread out the work for this project
over multiple months in consultation with his/her supervisor.
Supervision by a staff member of preferably the Faculty of Science.


A written report and a verbal presentation (both in English).
Furthermore, the process of the project, such as independence,
initiative, adherence to schedule and agreements and personal input in
relation to complexity of subject matter, will also be taken into


Honours Programme students 3BA

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All the information about the Honours project Business Analytics is to
be found on Canvas.

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If you are planning to write your paper within two months, please register yourself on VUnet for this subject. Furthermore, notify the internship coordinator (H.J.M.van.Goor-Balk@vu.nl) to discuss this project and ask all your questions about the Honours Project Business Analytics.

Algemene informatie

Vakcode X_417011
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode Ac. Jaar (sept)
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoördinator drs. H.J.M. van Goor-Balk

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