Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders

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This course aims to provide further insights into the neurobiological
mechanisms, diagnostic approaches and therapies and societal impacts of
various neurological and psychiatric disorders.

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During the course, disorders that will be highlighted include Multiple
Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors,
cerebrovascular accidents, ADHD, Asperger/PDD-NOS, Autism and Obsessive
Compulsive disorders.

Both preclinical scientists and clinicians will give an overview of:
• The underlying biological mechanisms;
• The diagnostic criteria;
• The current pharmacological and non-pharmacological clinical
• Which hypotheses might lead to novel insights into the treatment of
the disorder;
• The societal aspects and impact of the disorder.


Lectures (17+ hrs), a debate session (2-3 hrs), project group assignment
(40 hrs) and presentations
thereof (3 hrs), and a site visit (4 hrs) to a
nursing home will be offered. In addition, students have ample time to
study during the course before the exam, and will be offered an Ask-the-
teacher meeting the day before the
exam. Please, note that the first day of the course, the debate session,
the presentation of the project group assignment and the site visit are
obligatory parts of the course.


Examination in the form of a written exam (Test), a project group
and assignment presentations.

The exam consists of closed and open questions and is based on the
lectures and the provided literature. The exam will count for 70% and
the project group assignment, including presentations, for 30% of the
final result. Exam and
assingment should each be passed (grade 5,5 or more).
A resit for the witten exam will be organized.
In case of a failure of the project group assignment, the written part
has to be improved to pass.


A digital e-syllabus will be offered on Canvas at the start of the


Part of the minor Biomedical Topics in Health Care.

Overige informatie

Coordinators of this course are dr. A.M.W. van Dam and dr. N. Marchant
mail addresses: and

This minor course requires a minimum of 25 participants to take place.

Guest lecutures
The lectures will be given by a variety of teachers who are mostly
associated with various departments within the VU medical center as a
medical doctor or scientist (e.g. Neurology, Pathology, Anatomy and
Neurosciences, Physiotherapy). External teachers come from Reade
(rehabilitation institute Amsterdam), or VU University (Dept.
Developmental Psychology)

Dit vak is onderdeel van een minor en heeft een maximaal aantal
deelnemers. Studenten die de hele minor doen, hebben voorrang.

Afwijkende intekenprocedure

Note that the first meeting on day 1 of the course is obligatory. Therefore, untimely registration leads to exclusion from this course.

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Vakcode AB_1023
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P1
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. A.M.W. van Dam
Examinator dr. A.M.W. van Dam
Docenten dr. A.M.W. van Dam
N.J. Marchant BSc

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Werkvormen Hoorcollege, Excursie, Werkgroep