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Cancer is one of the most important causes of death in the Netherlands,
with an increasing social impact because of ageing. In the last decades,
cancer research has extended to many different directions.
Understanding the molecular, immunological and cell biological
mechanisms of cancer
is essential to perform fundamental and translational research on
Knowledge about the different types of cancer, their development and
treatment is essential for the preparation of research protocols for the
diagnosis and treatment of specific patient groups.
This knowledge is also important for the best communication between
medical practitioners and basic scientists.
The Oncology course will provide a thorough overview of the development
of cancer and the different treatment methods.

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This course consists of the following topics:
• Definitions and epidemiology of cancer.
• Exogenous and endogenous factors involved in the development of
• Growth inhibition and tumor suppressor genes, growth factor signaling,
oncogenes and miRNAs.
• Cell biology of tumor cells: proliferation, immortalization, invasion,
metastasis, angiogenesis.
• Tumor immunology and immunotherapy.
• New developments in diagnostics, therapy and quality of life.
• Molecular diagnostics for colon and lung cancer


Lectures related to the textbook Pecorino (21 hours)
Seminars (12 hours): Interactive sessions in which specific topics are
For students Biomedical Sciences and Health and Life Sciences, Major
Biomedical Sciences, the focus will be on lab research. For students
Health and Life Sciences, Major Clinical Sciences the focus will be on
applications in the clinic.
Practical: Molecular diagnostics colon and lung cancer (3 hours): Two
lectures and a computer practical to analyse DNA sequencing results and
to provide a treatment advise to the oncologist.
Group assignment including presentation and writing of a scientific
journalism article (16 hours).
(At the BSc Biomedical Sciences subjects focus on cancer biology and at
the Clinical Sciences they include epidemiological, societal and
clinical aspects)
Guided tour at the Cancer Center Amsterdam (optional; up to 120
students) (1 hour): a
short impression of the latest techniques and research projects.


Exams (90%):
Exam 1 (20%) a digital exam consisting of multiple choice questions
covering chapters 1 to 6 of Molecular biology of cancer, Pecorino, 4th
Exam 2 (70%) a digital exam consisting of multiple choice and open
questions related to the textbook Molecular biology of cancer,
Pecorino, 4th edition , the practical and the seminars.
Presentation and article (10%): assessment is based on the presentation
(50%) and writing of a scientific journalism paper (50%).
The final mark must be on average at least 5.5; individual scores can be
compensated (separate marks may be lower than a 5.5).

Resits: When doing a resit during the course both Exam 1 (20%) and Exam
2 (70%) need to be taken. The resit in the summer involves one exam
(90%) that includes the entire subject matter.
The workgroup assignment (10%) - presentation and writing an article
cannot be retaken: the mark awarded will remain at the resit.


Molecular biology of cancer, Pecorino, 4th edition
Presentations of the lectures and seminars are available on Canvas.
The literature provided as background for the seminars is no exam


Required entrance ; second year BSc Biomedical Sciences and BSc Health
and Life Sciences, Major Clinical Sciences.
Elective course: second year BSc Health and Life Sciences, Major
Biomedical Sciences

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Chapter 6 Neoplasia of Robbins Basic Pathology 10th edition

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