Research Design

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Doel vak

• Increase student knowledge and understanding of writing a Research
• Develop academic writing skills, including writing an abstract,
evaluation and conceptual framework sections, and English writing skills
• Develop presentation skills, including a pitch of the research topic
and presentation of the completed research design
• Enhance cooperation and interaction among students to also learn from
each other in designing and developing their Research Plan, including
giving peer-to-peer feedback

Inhoud vak

The course ’Research Design’ has been developed to optimally prepare
students for their Research Project, which starts immediately after
completion of the Research Design course. The course consists of one
plenary session and four workshop breakout sessions, in which the
instructors offer general information in the form of lectures and
informal discussions on how to produce a research design for an MSc

Students will participate in one of three research tutorials in order to
specialize in the more disciplinary aspects of designing research:

• The research tutorials in Environmental Economics, taught by Dr Julia
Blasch and Dr. Onno Kuik;
• The research tutorial in Environmental Geography, taught by Dr Jasper
van Vliet;
• The research tutorial in Environmental Governance, taught by Dr Oscar

Students will follow the research tutorial of the discipline that is
closest to the theories, methods, and research topics of their Research
Project. This is in general the disciplinary orientation of the first
supervisor of their Research Project.

Therefore, students whose first Research Project supervisor is a member
• the IVM section Environmental Economics, will follow the research
tutorial in Environmental Economics;
• the IVM section Environmental Policy Analysis, will follow the
research tutorial in Environmental Governance;
• the IVM section ‘Environmental Geography’ (chair group Verburg) or the
IVM section Water and Climate Risks (chair group Aerts) will follow the
research tutorial in Environmental Geography.


Seminar/‘Werkcollege’ (s)


The grades for the Research Design course consist of three elements:

• Peer-to-peer review session compilation: 20% of total grade, to be
assessed by Tutors;
• Presentation of Research Design: 40% of total grade, to be assessed by
• Written Research Design: 40% of total grade, to be assessed by
supervisor of Research Project;

The final grade for the course will consist of the weighted average of
the three partial grades, with the additional conditions that the grade
for the written Research Design must be 6.0 or higher and that the
English writing part of the program has been passed (pass/fail).

Should a student fail the course, we offer a resit for both an oral
presentation and a revised version of the research design four weeks
after the end of the course. We advise students that our experience
indicates that expectations of Tutors and supervisors increase given the
extra time available in the course of the resit period.

Attendance and active participation in all sessions is compulsory.
Tutors will maintain an attendance list. Students can miss sessions only
with a valid reason, which should be discussed with the Tutor in advance
(unless the reason is sickness). If students are absent without a good
reason, they will not receive a grade on this course element.


See Course manual on Canvas

Algemene informatie

Vakcode AM_1136
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P4
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoördinator O.E. Widerberg
Examinator O.E. Widerberg
Docenten dr. J.E. Blasch
prof. dr. P.H. Pattberg
dr. ir. O.J. Kuik
dr. ir. J. van Vliet
O.E. Widerberg

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Werkvormen Werkcollege, Hoorcollege, Werkgroep

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