Protein science

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The student:
1. knows and understands principles of protein structure, dynamics,
regulation, inhibition, interaction and engineering
2. can explain protein function based on protein structure and the
properties of amino acid residues.
3. can predict the function of (parts of ) a protein based on
understanding of its molecular properties
4. knows and understands the principle of current methods for protein
investigation (e.g. overproduction, purification, interaction,
5. can analyze the strong and weak points of Protein Science techniques
and can correlate an open question with a suitable technique.
6. can analyze experiments in Protein Science and design new

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We will start with a repetition of protein structure and function.
Subsequently, we will focus on methods in protein science and also on
more specialized properties of proteins important in fundamental
research, biomedicine or biotechnology. Finally we will deal with case
studies on selected proteins.
Lecture topics include:
Protein Structure, Protein Function, Protein Dynamics, Molecular
Machines, Control of Protein Function, Protein inhibition, Antibiotic
action, Development of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance, Protein
over-expression and purification, Protein Interaction, Protein
Case studies:
New antibiotics, GPCRs as drug target, Cytochrome P450, Protein
hydrophobicity and folding, Molecular modeling/docking, Tight-junction


Lectures (36 h) accompanied by work (paper) discussions (8 h) and self
(individual or in small groups) to prepare for the lectures and to
discuss the material presented in lectures/accompanying papers.


Written exam (100%)


No special book required. Useful may be "Protein Structure and
Function" by Petsko/Ringe. You can also use any Biochemistry textbook
(e.g. Voet and Voet) for repetition. You will receive material
(reviews and original articles on relevant topics). Examples of
scientific literature: Lee et al. Nature 2010, Bax et al. Nature 2010,
and Kumar Exp. Opin. Drug Metab 2010.


Masters students Biomolecular Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biology,
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medical Natural Sciences

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Visiting lecturer: Dr. Anil Koul, Tibotec J&J

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Vakcode AM_470145
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P1
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. D. Bald
Examinator dr. D. Bald
Docenten dr. M.H. Siderius
dr. J.N.M. Commandeur
dr. ir. K.A. Feenstra
prof. dr. M.J. Smit
dr. D.P. Geerke
prof. dr. ir. E.J.G. Peterman

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