Current Issues in Sport and Exercise Psychology

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The student is able to:
-outline the main findings from the sport psychology
literature on the topics included in the course
-apply these theoretical findings to practical settings (the assignments
include interviews, observations and analysis, intervention and
questionnaire design)
-discuss practical findings from the assignments with peers and draw
overall conclusions from these findings
-present practical findings from a sound theoretical basis.

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In this course several important, current issues in both sport and
exercise psychology are addressed. The course aims to provide in-depth
information and to transfer this information to practical settings
through different assignments.
The topics to be discussed are:
• Career development and transitions in sport
• Injury prevention and rehabilitation
• Mental health and clinical issues in sport psychology
• Ethical issues and moral behavior in sport
• Group dynamics in sport
• Leadership roles in teams and peer leadership

The course consists of one meeting per topic. For each topic,
literature and review questions are provided. The students are required
to study the literature and answer the review questions. In the first
weeks the meetings consist of discussion of the review questions. In
addition, for each topic a recent study on the topic is highlighted,
future research directions are discussed, or practical cases presented
and discussed.
Next, students work on practical assignments. In the last week of the
course the findings of the practical assignments (from interviews,
observations, measurements and analyses) are discussed, reviewed and


Discussion meetings


Students hand in answers to the review questions (these are partly
assesed, 40% of total grade), hand in one assignment (30%), and present
one assignment with small groups (30%). All parts have to be scored
with a minimum of 5 to pass.

Vereiste voorkennis

Students should have basic knowledge and understanding of sport and
exercise psychology as is available in textbooks such as Cox, R.H.
(2007). Sport Psychology: Concepts and Applications, 6th edition.
Boston: McGraw-Hill, Biddle, S.J.H. & Mutrie, N. (2008), or Bakker,
F.C. & Oudejans, R.R.D.
(2012). Sportpsychologie. Nieuwegein: Arko Sports Media.


- Course manual (Available on Canvas);
- Recent articles and book chapters on sport and exercise psychology

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For more info on workgroups, laboratories, (computer) practicals etc. please see Canvas.

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Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P1
Vakniveau 500
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Fac. der Gedrags- en Bewegingswetensch.
Vakcoördinator dr. R.I. Hutter
Examinator dr. R.I. Hutter
Docenten dr. R.I. Hutter

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