Energy Flow Models

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Doel vak

To provide the student with knowledge about energy flow models, and so
to enable the student to apply this knowledge in the modelling of human
endurance performance.

Inhoud vak

Research in which exercise physiology and biomechanics are combined as a
'toolbox' is apparently unique and successful. This course familiarizes
the student with one branch of this approach. Energy flow models, based
on power equations, will be used to study performance determining
factors in endurance sports. This course explains the technique of
modelling, how parameter values are obtained from experiments and how
simulations with the model can be done. The student will construct a
model of an endurance athlete to study the effect of parameter values on
performance in cycling, speed skating and running. The models will be
made in MATLAB. Knowledge of MATLAB is necessary to be successful in
this course.


Lectures and guided practical;
84 hours (from which 28 practical, 6 lecture, 4 presentations and 46
self study).


Three written reports in the form of an abstract (project 1), a poster
presentation (project 2) and a slide presentation (project 3). The
posters and the slide presentations will be held at a mandatory meeting.

Vereiste voorkennis

900104: Biomechanica (Students are expected to have sufficient
knowledge of this subject);

900215: Mechanische analyse van het menselijk bewegen (Students are
expected to have sufficient knowledge of this subject)


A selection of articles and practical guide on Canvas.

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For more info on workgroups, laboratories, (computer) practicals etc. please see Canvas.

Algemene informatie

Studiepunten 3 EC
Periode P1
Vakniveau 200
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Fac. der Gedrags- en Bewegingswetensch.
Vakcoördinator dr. J.J. de Koning
Examinator dr. J.J. de Koning
Docenten dr. J.J. de Koning

Praktische informatie

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Werkvormen Computerpracticum*, Hoorcollege

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