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The course builds on the mathematics that has been offered at high
school ("Wiskunde A"). After taking the course, the student is expected
1) understand the basic idea of data and descriptive statistics (mean,
median, variance, etc.);
2) understand the basic ideas of probability (selected discrete and
continuous probability distributions and their properties);
3) understand the principles of sampling, a sampling distribution, and a
confidence interval;
4) understand the principles of hypothesis testing;
5) be able to select and apply an appropriate statistical test in
frequently occurring situations (Z-, t-, F-, binomial and Chi-squared
test, paired, unpaired, parametric, non-parametric);
6) understand and apply ANOVA (1-way, 2-way);
7) understand and apply regression analysis (simple, multiple, with
dummy variables, interaction, non-linearities and collinearity), perform
t- and (partial) F-tests and check the requirements and residuals.

Inhoud vak

In the course KM-Statistics the basic skills in statistical thinking and
working will be treated. Such skills are essentials to interpreting and
drawing conclusions from quantitative data.


Students can use the book, the lecture sheets and the video's to be able
to prepare the exercises for every week's session. The course consists
of 13 instruction sessions.


The assessment consists of an exam. During the exam, students are
provided with formula sheets and statistical tables and students are
allowed to use their own simple calculators (for instance Casio fx82).
The use of graphical or programmable calculators is not allowed during
the exam.


The course relies on the following book: D.P. Doane & L.E. Seward,
Applied Statistics in Business & Economics, 6th Edition, 2019, McGraw-
Hill International Edition. (5th Edition is also usable).
Apart from the usual edition, the VU-bookshop also offers a special
edition with an access code for online training ("Connect access card").
Using Connect is not mandatory for this course, and it is not supported
by the teachers.
Additional documents that are essential for this course will be
available on Canvas, see Pages (on the left menu).

Algemene informatie

Vakcode EPG_A_KM
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P1+2, P5+6
Vakniveau 0
Onderwijstaal Nederlands
Vakcoördinator dr. G.J. Franx
Examinator prof. dr. O.C. van Leeuwen
Docenten dr. G.J. Franx

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Werkvormen Hoorcollege