Business Process Management and IT Alignment

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Learning objectives:
Academic & research skills:
1. Be able to critically examine academic research in the area of
Business Process Management and IT Alignment.
Bridging theory and practice
2. Show a critical understanding of state-of-the-art theory and
empirical findings in the domain of Business Process Management and IT
Alignment, concerning the following subjects:
- Business Process Management, Redesign, and Analysis
- Business-IT Alignment
- IT Management in organizations

3. Be able to apply that understanding in (a) modelling, analyzing and
redesigning business processes, and (b) formulating advice on the
implementation of appropriate IT solutions based on that analysis and

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Increasingly rapid changes in digital technology and business
environments require organizations to continuously adapt to a changing
environment. Fundamental changes in today’s business are always realized
through the combination of people, process and technology, reflecting on
the phenomenon that changes in an organization and its related processes
can only be achieved by a synchronous change in the Information
Technology (IT) that supports (or even shapes) these processes.
Moreover, business processes and technology have become so intertwined,
that changing business processes is inevitably preconditioned by changes
in IT, or that even changes in IT can drive the needed improvement in
business processes and the related organization.

The course is focused on the alignment between business process
management and IT. We will first discuss the concept of Business-IT
alignment in more detail, and then elaborate both the business process
angle and the IT angle. In terms of the business process angle, we will
discuss the topics of Business Process Management, Redesign, and
Analysis - as well as recent developments such as Robotic Process
Automation and Process Mining. For the IT angle, we will address issues
related to IT Management in organizations, and discuss how concepts like
Enterprise Architecture and Agile software development are related to
alignment. In the course we will pay specific attention to (a) the
identification, modeling, analysis, and (re)design of business processes
and (b) the implementation of related IT solutions in organizations. In
relation to this, we address the way information technology can enable
organizations to further develop and enhance their business processes,
both on an inter-organizational level as well as on an
intra-organizational level, thereby facilitating the development of
virtual or network organizations. The case on which students will work
is taken from real-life and deals with the topics addressed above.


Lectures that include cases and tutorials.


Written exam, Team assignments


• Various papers that will be made available via Canvas.
• Book: Dumas, M., La Rosa, M., Mendling, J.,
and Reijers, H. Fundamentals of Business Process Management.
Berlin: Springer-Verlag. (available online).


MSc Business Administration

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As students are likely to have differing levels of knowledge and
expertise in business process modelling, analysis, and redesign,
tutorials will be offered in which these skills are practiced.
These tutorials are not obligatory, but strongly recommended for
students who have not practiced these skills before, and will use the
Dumas et al. book.

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Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P2
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Vakcoördinator prof. dr. B.J. van den Hooff
Examinator prof. dr. B.J. van den Hooff
Docenten prof. dr. B.J. van den Hooff
prof. dr. M. van Vliet

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