Doing Business in Emerging Markets

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This course focuses on how to engage in international business in the
specific context of emerging markets and aims to achieve several
learning goals:

Develop an advanced academic and research skills to contribute to the
body of knowledge:
- Students will be able to critically discuss the academic literature
related to EM.

Have thorough knowledge of relevant theory and methods, and an
evidence-based approach to solving complex business problems:
- Students will be able to compare national cultures using
Trompenaars’7-D model and formulate ways to reconcile cultural
differences between own and host countries.
- Students will be able to discuss the institutional organization
(national business systems) of EM and formulate ways to reconcile
differences in institutional organization between own and host
- Students will be able to discuss the various entry modes for doing
business in EM.

Have the professional and social skills to interact with other
- Students will be able to consolidate the relevant theories and methods
of the course to formulate an optimal market entry mode for a parcular
company/market in a concrete EM in the form of a strategic advice.

Develop a broad horizon beyond the professional area:
- Students will be able to reflect academically on the impact of the
increasing influence of EM on international business and politics.

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The course starts with the definition of emerging markets and an
introduction of the aspects on which they differ from more mature
markets, such as cultural and political issues and the growing influence
of emerging markets on global business. The course then applies this to
a number of core issues in international management such as market entry
mode and collaborating with local partners. The academic content of the
lectures will be based on current discussions in relevant publications.




Written final exam


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Bachelor of Business Administration

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Vakcode E_BA_DBEM
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P2
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Vakcoördinator dr. P.J. Peverelli
Examinator dr. P.J. Peverelli
Docenten dr. P.J. Peverelli

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