Management Idea Factory

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This interdisciplinary elective of the Master in Business Administration
concentrates on providing an introduction into the key constructs,
theories and debates about the creation, dissemination and
implementation of management ideas. For this purpose, students will
empirically study the emergence and prevalence of a given management
idea in the business community.

Academic and Research Skills:
In this course students will (1) obtain theoretical knowledge on the
generative mechanisms by which management ideas are created and put into
practice, (2) develop advanced skills in empirically studying the
emergence and prevalence of these ideas in a business community, and (3)
enhancing their ability to adequately analyze the deployment of this
idea within an organizational context and critically reflect on its
impact on management and organizational practice in general.

Knowledge of Theory + Methods and Solving Complex Problems:
In this course, students will develop a scientifically-grounded basis
for critically and independently reflecting on the possibilities and
limitations of the management ideas -that have been taught in the
different specializations- in actually addressing complex managerial
issues. In relation to the students’ future work context, the obtained
knowledge and skills can advantageously be applied in establishing
oneself as ‘thought leader’, but also in recognizing and addressing the
main difficulties associated with putting these ideas into
organizational practice.

Professional Social Skills:
In this course students will further develop their professional social
skills by adequately collecting relevant interview data with people who
use a given idea in daily practice, performing analyses and presenting
research results on the emergence and prevalence of a given management
ideas in a team setting. Moreover, students will learn providing a
comprehensive and constructive review of other student’s paper that is
considered helpful in the further development of their peers’ work.

Horizon Beyond Professional Area:
The course can be connected with specializations in Management
Consulting, HRM, Leadership & Change Management, Strategy &
Organization, and particularly contributes to developing a broader view
that extends beyond each of these specialization. As such, students will
come in contact with management ideas that prevail in other
specializations, will learn how in these different disciplinary fields
management ideas are created and promoted, as well as how people from
these different fields may understand and use them.

Self-Reflective Professional:
This course goes beyond more functionalistic perspectives that are still
prevalent in most of the business school curricula. This is a nontrivial
issue given that learning about the way these ideas are fabricated and
socially accepted in a business community may enhance students’ critical
assessment of their broader values, the underlying interests and beliefs
of those who produced them, promote the recognition of viable
alternatives, and furthers an adequate understanding of the potential
impact of these management on the working lives of many people and on
the society as a whole. Overall, through this course student will be
able to construct, and critically assess one’s own position towards the
diffusion of management ideas in relation to management theory and
management and organizational practice.

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New management ideas are generally presented as offering solutions to
complex managerial issues. Well-known examples are Lean Management,
Competence Management, Career Planning, Business Process Management,
Agile, Balanced Scorecard, Blue Ocean Strategy, Corporate Social
Responsibility and ISO 9000. Given their inclusion in many standard
textbooks and in generally all the business school curricula, some of
these ideas have become a taken-for-granted element in the canon of
management, or at least seen as an inseparable part of the accepted
management vocabulary and related processes of socialization. Given the
assumed defining role of these ideas in the business community, this
course addresses the important need, both practical and scientific, to
develop an advanced and critical understanding of (1) where these ideas
come from, (2) how and why particular ideas may prevail in a business
community, and (3) the way they may impact management and organizational


Lectures, tutorials, and individual meetings.


Research paper, presentation and academic review.


Selection of academic articles. Literature will be announced at the
start of the course.


This is one of the interdisciplinary electives of the Master in Business
Administration and can be connected to specialization in Management
Consulting, but also in, HRM, Leadership & Change Management, and
Strategy & Organization.

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Vakcode E_BA_MIF
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P5
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Vakcoördinator dr. H.S. Heusinkveld
Examinator dr. H.S. Heusinkveld

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