Organization Development and Change

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By following this course, you will advance your scholarly knowledge on
the field of Organization Development and Change. Rather than advocating
for one specific model of change, this course takes on multiple
perspectives on a variety of change-related topics, to enable you to
gain a well-informed understanding of this field of research; to develop
critical thoughts on the conduct of change, and to become reflexive
practitioners in your future careers as consultants or managers.

Academic and Research Skills: By following this course, you will
discover different perspectives on change. You will learn about the
central contemporary debates in this field, be able to identify and
critically assess key contrasting positions in these debates and to
develop your own position, grounded in this academic literature.
Knowledge of Theory + Methods and Solving Complex Problems: Through the
lectures, you will understand key concepts and contributions regarding
change in organizations. You will then translate this knowledge into
practice and exercise your analytical skills to assess a given change
case, develop your own diagnostic and propose creative interventions.
Professional Social Skills: Through the different group and individual
assignments, you will exercise your communication skills to collaborate
with others to analyse a given change and to translate your knowledge
into a convincing argument, both orally and on paper. In the seminars,
you will also provide feedback to your peers and help them improve their
own work.
Horizon Beyond Professional Area: In this course, you will learn to use
some of the diagnostic tools used by practitioners and to mobilise the
course literature to critically reflect on these tools, on the way
consultants manage change and their societal impact.
Self-Reflective Professional: Finally, through the different lectures
and assignments, you will learn to confront different perspectives on
change to reflect not only on the practice of change management but also
on your own assumptions regarding change.

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This course will introduce you to the field of Organization Development
and Change from multiple perspectives (from planned to unplanned
approaches to change, from controlling to shaping styles of change
management). Through the lectures and seminars, as well as a case study
based on a real change project, students will explore and deepen their
knowledge about a number of key topics related to the conduct of change
(such as: the need for change, the role of the change agent, resistance
to change, etc.) to develop their ability to critically assess and
diagnose a change situation and to reflect on the practices and tools of
change management and change consultants.


Lectures, seminars


Assignments and exam


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Vakcode E_BA_ODC
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P2
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Vakcoördinator dr. H.S. Heusinkveld
Examinator dr. H.S. Heusinkveld

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