Supply Chain Management II

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Academic Skills: SCM II teaches you to independently analyze the
strategy and management of supply chains that consist of two or more
legally independent entities and to make managerial recommendations for
improvements. The course builds on SCM I, with SCM II mainly focusing on
the managerial implications of analyses and thinking in terms of chain
effects rather than effects at the level of an individual company.

Quantitative Skills: You use quantitative methods to analyze a supply
chain and propose improvements.

Knowledge: You obtain thorough knowledge about analyzing the performance
of a supply chain, managing chains and coordinating incentives (where
you learn how supply chain decisions are influenced by (irrational and
rational) human behavior and how to respond to this), as well as supply
chain management from the perspective of effects on People, Planet and
Profit (Triple Bottom Line).

Bridging Theory and Practice: You apply scientific knowledge about
managing supply chains in a number of stylized practical assignments /
cases. Guest lectures are also provided.

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Every organization, regardless of the type of product or service they
provide, has a supply chain that produces these products and services
and delivers them to the customer. Managing these chains (supply chains)
is of strategic importance for the survival of business sectors. This
course teaches students to analyze these chains and to make managerial
recommendations based on these themes:

1. From the performance of an individual company to chain
Topics are discussed related to shaping production and distribution
networks as well as ensuring that objectives are aligned with each other
both within the links of a chain and across the chain.
2. Chain coordination and incentive alignment.
This includes coordinating the demand for and supply of products and
services within a supply chain as well as an analysis of the effects of
pricing policies. Explicit attention is paid to the behavior of decision
makers in aligning supply and demand and the possible impact of
blockchain technology on chain coordination.


Lectures, Tutorials


Written Exam (Individual assessment), Case Study Preparations (group


Selected chapters from Chopra, S. (2019). Supply chain management.
Strategy, planning & operation. 7th Global Edition. Prentice Hall,
Pearson Higher Education.
Note: the 6th edition, 2016, is also applicable to this course.

Additional readings will be announced on Canvas.

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SCM I 1.5

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Vakcode E_BK2_SCM2
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Docenten dr. P.L.J. Wissink

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