Leadership: Mobilizing People

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Academic & Research Skills: You will analyze and critically reflect on
existing literature on leadership and related areas, and translate this
to different types of settings.
Bridging Theory and Practice: You will obtain a deeper understanding of
the theoretical and methodological domain of leadership research.
Bridging Theory and Practice: This course will help you to structure and
solve practical issues in the area of leadership and management by
applying relevant theoretical and methodological concepts.
Social Skills: You will work in small teams and in larger teams during
exercises to assess and practice skills of interpersonal influence.
Self-awareness: You will develop a deeper understanding of your own
leadership skills.

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Leadership is a subject that has long excited interest among scholars
and laypeople alike. The term “leadership” often connotes images of
powerful, dynamic individuals who direct corporate empires or shape the
course of nations. However, we are confronted with leadership every day:
in class, during group assignments, at your job, sport club, student
organization, etc. Whether the concern is with a business corporation,
an athletic team, or a team project in class, there seems to be a
persistent assumption that the leader has a crucial role in the
organization’s or team’s success. This course on leadership, which
combines and integrates state of the art leadership theories and
research, will help you understand both historical and every day
examples of leadership.
Leaders must be able to manage information, diagnose problems, negotiate
with others, and make effective decisions, as well as coordinate and
motivate the human and social capital of their organizational members.
This course aims to prepare you to understand and meet these goals by
familiarizing you with leadership theories, and providing you with
practical experiences through case studies and experiential activities.


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individual assessment
group assessment


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Vakcode E_BK3_LMP
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P1
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Vakcoördinator dr. J.K. Oostrom
Examinator dr. J.K. Oostrom

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