Accounting I

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You will learn to apply various accounting concepts in order to order
and assess different situations and scenarios (Academic and Research
Skills). You will also learn how to order financial information with the
aim of assessing management decisions. You will learn the basics of
various kinds of accounting methods and techniques to meet the differing
information needs of stakeholders (Bridging Theory and
Practice - Knowledge). Case studies will train you how to apply the
acquired skills and knowledge (Bridging Theory and Practice -
Application). In addition, you will learn that Accounting is not static,
it is being affected and influenced by current affairs, changing norms
and values, and new insights (Broadening your Horizon).

After having finished Accounting I you can:
- explain the difference between Financial and Managerial Accounting;
- explain what type of information management of a company needs in
order to make decisions;
- analyze and interpret financial information;
- explain how the most important accounting methods are applied in
- explain how the core financial statements are construed and how they
relate to each other;
- explain the difference between various information objectives and the
consequences of these differences.

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Accounting I emphasizes the importance of accounting information for
businesses. You will learn that there are various kinds of users of
information - with their own specific needs and demands for information.
You will also learn that there are several accounting methods and
techniques to meet these information demands.


- Lectures
- Tutorials


- Midterm (multiple choice) - individual assessment.
- Final exam (open assignments and multiple choice) - individual

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- Literature will be published on Canvas.

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Vakcode E_EBE1_ACC1
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P4
Vakniveau 100
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Vakcoördinator dr. S.C. Go
Examinator dr. S.C. Go
Docenten M.E.H. Kuiper MSc
drs. F. Duimstra
S.R. van Duin MSc

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