Academic Skills

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This course lays the foundations for your Academic and Research Skills.
The focus is on searching and using relevant academic and non-academic
sources, argumentation, academic writing in English including citing
sources, and presenting and discussing the results. You are supposed to
write an academic essay to demonstrate (the development of) your
Academic and Research Skills.

After successfully completing this course you:
- are able to collect valid and reliable information about a specific
topic, in particular a current socioeconomic debate (Academic and
research skills);
- are able to write essays that have order and a logical structure
(Academic and Research Skills);
- are able to cite and acknowledge sources accurately and
completely(Academic and Research Skills) ;
- can write academic texts in correct English (grammar, spelling,
sentence structure, style and punctuation (Academic and Research
- are able to construct balanced argumentation (Academic and Research
- understand what science and scientific research refer to (Bridging
Theory and Practice – Knowledge);
- know the main characteristics of scientific research (Bridging Theory
and Practice – Knowledge);
- know what rationality refers to (Bridging Theory and Practice –
- are able to recognize the three types of rationality in socioeconomic
debates (Bridging Theory and Practice - Application);
- can construct argumentation schemes to analyze socioeconomic debates
(Bridging Theory and Practice - Application);
- you are able as a team member to give feedback to and receive it from
your ‘peers’ (Social Professional Skills);
- can use the feedback from your tutor and your peers to improve your
academic texts (Social Professional Skills);
- can present the main findings of your research to tutors and students
both in person (oral presentation) and in writing (essay) (Social
Professional Skills);
- are aware of the importance of academic skills during the bachelor’s
degree program, including citing and acknowledging sources accurately
and completely (Self-Awareness);
- are aware of academic integrity and ethical dilemmas in scientific
research (Self-Awareness).

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The Academic Skills course is part of the Academic Core of the Economics
and Business Economics program. The course is aimed at developing your
general research skills. This is done on the basis of a current economic
social debate. In a team you will write an academic essay that is based
on an extensive analysis of arguments (pro and con).




Written exam - Individual assessment
Academic essay - Team assessment

NOTE: Obtaining study credits for this course is pending on fulfilling
your Language Test (Taaltoets) requirements.

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Vakcode E_EBE1_ACSK
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P3
Vakniveau 100
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Vakcoördinator dr. G.P. Melker
Examinator dr. G.P. Melker
Docenten D.K. Brands MSc
dr. G.P. Melker

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Werkvormen Hoorcollege, Werkgroep

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