Python for Finance

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Finance has become a data-driven science . The objectives of the course
are twofold. First, to introduce programming in Python for Finance
students. Second, to address and solve financial problems using Python.
The overarching goal is to develop Python skills that are applicable in
the workplace and to prepare students for more advanced Python

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The course will first review basic programming in Python and then move
on to numerical computing, data analysis and visualization. Finally, we
will address financial problems, such as option pricing using binomial
trees and Monte Carlo methods as well as asset pricing, using the
techniques taught during the first part of the course.


Lectures and computer labs


Take home exam


Hilpisch, Y. (2019). Python for Finance, Second edition, O’Reilly.

Aanbevolen voorkennis

Students are expected to be familiar with basic finance (corporate
finance, investments) and a strong interest (but not necessarily
extensive experience) with computer programming.

Algemene informatie

Vakcode E_FIN_PFIN
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P1
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Vakcoördinator dr. K.L. Wolk
Examinator dr. K.L. Wolk
Docenten dr. K.L. Wolk

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Werkvormen Hoorcollege, Werkgroep

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