Building Interreligious Relations 2

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Teaching goals
• Basic insight into the literatures which study the ways which
Christianity, Judaism, Islam and categories of 'the secular' are
historically and conceptually intertwined and entangled
• Insight into how these entangled histories are related to the
histories and legacies of anti-semitism and islamophobia
• Enhancing the capacity to formulate integrative perspectives on what
'interreligiosity' means in the historical context of secularisation and
religious entanglement

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We will study works on the interrelated histories of Christianity, Islam
and Judaism in the Euro-Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern contexts from
the perspective of how these religions have been entangled and have
entered into tense relations in the course of Euro-Middle-Eastern
history, in relation to processes and concepts of secularisation, the
formation of 'religion, and the Axial Age. Readings will include Leora
Batnizky, Susannah Heschel, Schirin Amir-Moazzami, Anya Topolski, David
Nirenberg, Jean-Luc Nancy, Maurice Olender, Gil Anidjar, Paula
Frederiksen, Daniel Boyarin,


Lectures and student presentations


Presentation (20%) and final paper or final paper and take home exam
(80%). You can choose between two options for the final exam: (1) either
you choose to do a take home exam containing three questions which will
be published two weeks before the deadline, together with a final paper
of around 1500 words, or (2) you choose to write a final paper of around
4000 words. Deadline will be published during the course.


David Nirenberg - Anti-Judaism, the Western Tradition (W.W.Norton)
Maurice Olender - The languages of Paradise: race, religion, and
philology in the nineteenth century (Harvard University Press, orig,
Paris, Seuil).
Gil Anidjar - Semites, Race, Religion, Literature (Stanford University

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The courses Building Interreligious Relations 1 and Building
Interreligious Relations 2 will not be taught in 2019-20.

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Vakcode G_BIR2
Studiepunten 6 EC
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit Religie en Theologie
Vakcoördinator prof. dr. H.Y.M. Jansen
Examinator prof. dr. H.Y.M. Jansen
Docenten prof. dr. H.Y.M. Jansen

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