Comparative Ethics

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Students are able to
- discern overlapping and dissonant ways that religious moral reasoning
engages issues in practical ethics.
- discern the ways in which religious traditions shape moral discourse
about ethical issues and, in turn, are shaped by emerging concerns in
their cultural contexts.
- analyse moral dilemmas
- engage in a process of moral reasoning in a multireligious context.

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This course introduces master students into the field of comparative
religious ethics. Students will critically examine a variety of concrete
case studies, which will challenge them to develop their moral reasoning
capacities and to learn to make moral decisions about complex moral
dilemmas. Last but not least, this interactive and interfaith module
will also enable students to cultivate their interreligious
competencies, which they will certainly need as they move into the world
as spiritual caregivers and interreligious bridge-builders. Parts of the
course are:
- Introduction to Fundamental Ethics
- Care Ethics
- Moral Reasoning
- Introduction to Christian, Islamic and Buddhist Ethics
- Workshops Moral Reasoning based on Case Studies


Lectures, small-group discussions, case studies (focus on active
listening, reflexivity, empathy, changing position, dialogue).


- 30% Attendance (mandatory). I will take attendance during each class
meeting, and two or more absences will negatively impact your grade.
Please talk to me in advance if you know you will miss class, or contact
me as soon as possible afterward in the case of unexpected absence. Plan
to come on time and stay for the entire class.
- 60% Analysis of various case studies, including the report on the
process of moral reasoning (5000 words)
- 10% Reflection on the process (1000 words).

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Hermeneutics (MA)


Literature, especially on case studies, will be made available via


Building Interreligious Relations and Spiritual Care (mandatory).

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Introduction to Fundamental Ethics

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Vakcode G_COMPET
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P3
Vakniveau 500
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit Religie en Theologie
Vakcoördinator prof. dr. M. Moyaert
Examinator prof. dr. M. Moyaert
Docenten prof. dr. M. Moyaert
dr. P. Coppens
prof. dr. R.R. Ganzevoort
dr. E.P. Schaafsma

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