Greece: Cradle of Civilization ?

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The course provides a better understanding of the significance of
ancient Greek culture in modern Greece and in (western) civilization.
1. Knowledge acquisition: gives a basic overview of what we know about
ancient Greece
2. Understanding: addresses the question how we know what we know about
ancient Greece
3. Evaluation: discuss the relevance of ancient Greece for the
present-day world

Inhoud vak

The course is a critical introduction to Ancient Greek Culture and its
relevance in the modern world. During the course aspects of Greek
Archaeology, Mythology, History, Politics Literature, etc. will be
introduced on a general level. Apart from the ancient context in which
these aspects originated, we will discuss their modern relevance.
Concepts such as Democracy, Philosophy, Theatre and even Ajax or
Heracles still resonate today and their significance will be topic of


The course will consist of a series of classes (twice a week) about
different aspects of Greek Culture (Prehistory, Homer, Democracy,
Theatre, Architecture, Religion etc.). The classes will be coupled with
reading assignments. In the 6th week of the course (from Sunday 16 March
to Saturday 22 March 2020) an excursion will be made to Greece. During
the excursion, students will present a monument on their choice and will
actively engage in discussion on the theme of the course. After the
excursion, students will write an extended paper on a topic of their


Several chapters from the handbook are compulsory to read before
specific classes. You need to upload to CANVAS (electronic learning
environment) two questions about the assigned chapters before the day of
that specific class. You must send in these questions in order to pass
the class and the type of questions will reward you an extra point
During the excursion, a presentation will be done with the help of a
handout. This will constitute 40% of the grade.
The final paper on a specific topic related to the class will constitute
60% of the grade.


Edith Hall 2014, Introducing the ancient Greeks. From Bronze Age
Sea-farers to navigators of the western Mind, New York (€ 18,36 via

Overige informatie

The excursion to Greece belong to this class is compulsory.
Expected costs:
Ca € 320,- for the flight
Ca € 100,- additional costs for the excursion
Ca. € 20,- for the handbook.

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Vakcode L_AABAALG074
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P4
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. G.J.M. van Wijngaarden
Examinator dr. G.J.M. van Wijngaarden
Docenten dr. G.J.M. van Wijngaarden

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