Academic Skills CIS 1

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Doel vak

Knowledge about information skills:
• You have insight into the character and the role of scientific
information, and you know the systems in which you can find that
information: LibSearch (the online catalog system of the UB VU) and
relevant e-resources.
• You know the rules for the title description with respect to your
degree programme (APA 6th) and you know why this type of rules are
• You know the criteria that you can apply to assess whether information
on websites and web documents has (scientific) quality.
• You know which criteria you can use to assess what the quality of
argumentation in texts is. You also know how a chosen
illustration (drawing, photo, graph, table, statistics, etc.) in the
text can affect the interpretation.

• You can search literature by title, author and subject code in
catalogs and e-resources.
• You can handle the rules of the title description.
• You can assess wether web documents and websites are of scientific
value based on criteria within your field.

Knowledge about writing a research paper:
• You know the most important characteristics of a scientific text and
you know how such texts are generally structured. You also know what is
the best approach to write a scientific text.

• You are able to use writing strategies that help to efficiently deal
with a writing task.
• You can apply a number of important principles of text structuring.

Knowledge about oral presentation:
You will have knowledge about the essential aspects of an effective
presentation – for example, about structure, delivery and visual
support. You will practice these aspects inside and outside class, give
a short mock presentation of the introduction of your talk, and give and
receive feedback from course members.

• You know the most important characteristics of oral presentations
• You are able to design an effective oral presentation on academic
research, and present your introduction of your talk.

Inhoud vak

In the academic world you are dealing with all sorts of information. In
the Information skills part of this course you become acquainted with
these sorts of information and you learn about the role of the VU
University Library in unlocking all kinds of (digital) sources and
scientific literature. You also learn how to approach the search for
information about a specific topic. This also includes how to assess
whether information is suitable for use in an academic context, and how
to critically analyze the arguments presented in texts and in images.
Next, you will start with writing a research paper. You choose an
and create a structure for the paper in which you will report on
research results, and you search and read
literature that puts your research question and your research results in
a broader, theoretical context. Moreover, you will learn
how to present academic research to an academic audience.


Lectures, seminars. Alternating 3 or 4 contact hours per week
(2 meetings per week), at least 80% attendance required.


Assignments, all of which must be graded as ‘pass’.


Laaken, M. van der, & Van der Laaken, B. (2013). Presentation
techniques. Bussum: Coutinho. Other literature will be listed on or will
be available via the Canvas site.


1st year bachelor Communication and Information Studies.

Overige informatie

This is a mandatory course in the first year. Attendance is mandatory
for at least 80% of the classes. For a positive binding study advice
(BSA), all
parts of this course must be completed with sufficient results. In
addition, this course counts as an entry requirement for the 2nd year
For this module, taking the Language test is a condition for
awarding the obtained credits; the Dutch language test (L_Taaltoets) for
the tracks Journalism, English Language & Communication Studies and
Language, Media & Society; the English language test (L_ELT) for the
tracks Language Learning & Language Teaching and Language & Media.

Afwijkende intekenprocedure

An exception to the standard sign-up procedure applies to this module. For this module the division of groups is made by the course coordinator after which the registration on seminar groups is made by the education office; students can therefore subscribe to the module itself, but not to a specific seminar group.

Algemene informatie

Studiepunten 3 EC
Periode P2
Vakniveau 100
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Vakcoördinator drs. B.F. Stuyvenberg
Examinator drs. B.F. Stuyvenberg
Docenten drs. B.F. Stuyvenberg

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Werkvormen Werkcollege*

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