The Classical Canon 2: The Sociology of Cultural Selection

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Doel vak

• Reproduction of diverse forms of the classical canon from antiquity to
• Reproduction of diverse scholarly explanations of content, context,
causes and functions of cultural selections, among which the classical
• Application of diverse models from the sociology of culture to
specific historical contexts including the present.
• Identification of both general and specific processes of canon
formation and shifts of canon.
• Critical reflection on significance and value of the concept ‘canon’
from the perspective of cultural philosophy and sociology.

Inhoud vak

The module Canon II is a sequel of the propaedeutic module Canon I:
after the content broached there, i.e. ‘what does the canon consist of?’
more abstract problems related to canons and their historical role and
function follow, in particular why there is a canon anyway, how canons
developed and evolved through time, and which canons have been most
influential. These fields of interest are studied in the module in two
ways: on the one hand we browse chronologically through a series of
decisive moments in canon formation, from antiquity to today (lectures
and seminars with discussion); on the other hand a representative
selection of art theory, philosophy and sociology of art will enable
students to give theoretical explanations for the content and function
of canons and cultural selections (seminars), from Plato and Aristotle,
via Winckelmann and Kant to the culture wars of the latter part of the
last century and the theories of Assmann, Bourdieu, Hobsbawm and Bloom.
Students make weekly assignments, give a presentation with a substantial
hand-out or power-point at the end of the course and prepare a response
to one of their fellow student's presentation.


Lectures and seminars.
Lectures (2 hours a week); seminars/group discussions (2 hours a week).


• Written answers to discussion questions (50%)
• Oral presentation (40%)
• Response to presentation of fellow student (10%)


Reader with relevant literature (on CANVAS).


2nd year students Ancient Studies (Oudheidwetenschappen)
The course is open as an elective, preferably but not exclusively for
students who have completed the first year of a humanities programme.

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Vakcode L_AABAOHW205
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P5
Vakniveau 200
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. A. Prent
Examinator dr. A. Prent
Docenten dr. M. Icks
dr. A. Prent

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