Work Placement Comparative Arts and Media Studies

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Learning goals of professional work placements:
- Knowledge and understanding: students are able to work on the level of
an academic student or graduate within the field of Comparative Arts &
Media Studies with a high level of independence.
- Applying knowledge and understanding: students are able to apply
academic skills and knowledge in professional and practical contexts.
- Communication: students have social skills regarding professional
relationships, codes of conduct, working hours, work pace, work
processes, and professional organizations.
- Lifelong learning skills: students have gained experience in
developing a professional attitude and skills.
- Making judgments: Students are acquainted with the job market, in such
a way that they are able to confront their expectations with
professional practice.

Additionally, a research internship has the following learning goal:
- Making judgments; Knowledge and understanding: Students are able to
design and execute a research project independently within the context
of an institution in the heritage field and based on a request (and
research question) formulated by the institution.

It is optional for students to use a research internship as a
preparation for their master thesis. Results of the research executed
during the internship can be used in so far as they are complementary to
the research of the master thesis.

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While the Comparative Arts and Media Studies programme centers on a core
set of compulsory courses, there is also an opportunity for students to
define their own individual tracks by means of electives and
internships. As a master student in Comparative Arts and Media Studies,
internships are possible at a wide range of organizations for media,
art, and culture located in and around Amsterdam. Visit VU-net and
for more information and options. Some staff members list supervised
internships on their websites. The internship needs to be a research
internship: archival research, audience research, market research,
research for a publication/ exhibition/ experimentation with new media,
etc. This may be either research proposed by the student (e.g. preceding
the thesis) or a research project offered by the host institution.


The internship concludes with a report written by the intern (for
requirements, see the Manual on VU-net).


Students of the Master Comparative Arts and Media Studies

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In periods 1 and 2 (other periods after consultation with the lecturer).
Normally 12 credits but a smaller period (6 or 9 credits) is possible,
but only after consultation with the Master's coordinator. Internship
proposals have to be agreed upon by the supervisor and Examination
Board, on basis of a signed contract, signed by the supervisor, the
internship mentor, and the student.
NB as it is complicated to supervise internships abroad, so we don't
encourage this.
We use a Canvas site for CAMS work placements with samples of previous
contracts and reports.

Algemene informatie

Studiepunten 12 EC
Periode Ac. Jaar (sept)
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. I.L. Blom
Examinator dr. I.L. Blom

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