Tutorial Design Cultures A

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Students gain:
1) Understanding of the ways specialist literature deals with specific
issues and analyses of a particular specialization;
2) Insight into structures and argumentation of specialised literature
about design and cultural analysis in general;
3) Insight into ways of theorising and argumentation as regards design
and design cultures as part of their specialization;
4) Insight into research problems and questions with regard to various
forms of design and decorative arts, and museums and collections, all as
regards the wider field of design cultures;
5) Additional knowledge of chosen topics of selected literature.

Course aims meet level 400 and provide insight into critical
methodologies and demands required for the MA thesis.

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Course description:
The individual reading list for 6 EC covers circa 700 pages, including
images, on level 400. The course is self study and can be planned at any
time during the academic year, in consulation with the examiner.
Candidates may select a number of books and texts to make up a personal
list from a given list. They can email the coordinator (m.h.groot@vu.nl)
for the overall list with titles to choose from and discuss their
choice. Titles may cover the topic of
the thesis (for c. 300 pages) and be relevant to the thesis topic from a
broader point of view for another 400 pages.


Self study. Please note that it is strongly advised to prepare and take
the exam between December and March. In order to benefit from this
module when researching and writing the MA thesis it is strongly advised
to first do the reading list exam (December-January-early February) and
then proceed with the MA thesis.


The exam will be a tutorial in the form of an oral examination of 1 hour
and a written evaluation of the reading list by the candidate
after the exam has taken place. A date for the oral exam will be agreed
upon with the tutor.
Study load:
Tutorial oral literature exam of 1 hour, 6 EC = 700 pages
1 EC = 28 study hours
6 EC x 28 = 168 study hours = 4.5 weeks full time and 4 pages per hour
(English; other languages)

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Academic MA level


For the reading list of the specialisation Design Cultures, please
contact M.H. Groot (m.h.groot@vu.nl).


Candidates of the MA specialization Design Cultures of the MA Arts and
Culture, and other specialisations. Note that the reading list tutorial
Design Cultures is only open to students who follow the Design Cultures
Please contact the coordinator M.H. Groot for consultation.

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This is an elective in the MA program.

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Academic MA level

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Vakcode L_ZAMAKCW004
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode Ac. Jaar (sept)
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Vakcoördinator prof. dr. K. Kwastek

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