Minor Literature Essay

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Doel vak

The student is able to design and perform a literature review on a
specific (bio)medical subject.*
The student can write a scientific report of the results in correct
scientific English.
The student has shown to have sufficient insight in the scientific
literature and reporting thereof to be able to start the scientific
internship in the master programme.

*Research minor students will write a scientific report on the topic of
their own research minor project.

Inhoud vak

The Bachelor thesis is a short systematic literature review (or research
report for research minor students).
During this course you will design and perform your own literature study
on a specific (bio)medical subject of your own choice, and report the
results in a written scientific report in English of about 3000-5000

In the first week of the course, you will design your literature study
and write a proposal for your bachelorthesis. In week 2-4 of the course,
you will perform your literature study and write a scientific report on
the results; the actual bachelorthesis.
Supervision will consist of guidance by an individual supervisor.
Before the start of the course (preferably during the minor) you decide
on a subject and find and contact an individual thesis supervisor (this
is your own responsibility; for criteria supervisors see CANVAS). The
individual thesis supervisor will guide you during the course regarding
the specific subject of your choice. You will have to plan an
appointment with your personal supervisor once a week during the course.

In addition, during week 1 and week 2 plenary lectures will be given
focusing on scientific writing. The aims of these lectures are:
• To offer structure and insight in the writing process and components
of the bachelorthesis
• To learn from peers during the interactive parts of the lectures

Note: research minor students only will write a scientific report on
their own scientific study instead of a literature study. They will be
supervised by the supervisor of their research minor project.


Lectures, individual sessions


Bachelorthesis: written assignment consisting of a scientific report on
a (bio)medical subject of 3000-5000 words in English. The bachelorthesis
is formally the final assignment of the bachelor of the VUmc School of
Medical Sciences.


An overview of the study material is placed on Canvas.


Bachelor students of VUmc School of Medical Sciences.

Overige informatie

Vice-cursuscoördinator: Dr. L.M.C. Nauta-Jansen

Afwijkende intekenprocedure

It is mandatory to register your supervisor and tentative subject of the bachelorthesis before the start of the course in January 2020. The link for registration will be posted on CANVAS.

Toelichting Canvas

This course is supported by a corresponding CANVAS course, which
contains all of the required information of this course including
overview of criteria for approved supervisors, the required articles and
The CANVAS course will also be used to post announcements relevant to
the course. You will automatically have access to the CANVAS course.

Algemene informatie

Vakcode M_BMITS16
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode Semester 1
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit VUmc
Vakcoördinator dr. T. Pattij

Praktische informatie

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Werkvormen Hoorcollege, Studiegroep, Practicum