Human Rights and the Border

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The course aims at increasing your knowledge of the law concerning
borders and your understanding of the changing meanings of borders. In
particular, you will broaden your knowledge of the different categories
of ‘migrants’ created by the law and the attaching differences with
regard to the right to cross borders and the sanctioning of illegal
border crossing. You will be able to identify relevant domestic,
European and international law and to deal with conflicts among them.
You will improve your ability to critically reflect on legislation,
case-law, and practice concerning borders.

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The operation of borders and border control in practice may differ
greatly from how it may be understood to operate in theory. In this
course, the knowledge of the law on borders will be connected to
societal reality. In the course Human Rights and the Borders, you will
learn to connect knowledge of the law on borders to societal reality.
Aside from general topics including the law on asylum, internal and
external border controls, we will address current issues such as the
safety of boat migrants, the role of private actors, and the use of
technologies at the borders. The precise content of the course will be
announced on Canvas.


The course contains of 7 lectures, each lecture is given twice a week.
During the course excursions may take place, enabling students to learn
how borders work in practice.


The course will be concluded with an examination: a written exam which
counts for 75%, and an oral presentation which counts for 25% of the
final mark.


Will be announced on Canvas.


This course is open to students of various disciplines who have
completed their first year of their Bachelor program. Includes exchange

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This course is open to students from various disciplines who have
completed their first year of their Bachelor program and exchange

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Vakcode R_HumRB
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P1
Vakniveau 200
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid
Vakcoördinator dr. E. Zambelli MA
Examinator dr. E. Zambelli MA
Docenten mr. dr. E.R. Brouwer
dr. E. Zambelli MA
drs. R.S. Franco MSc

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