Academic Skills Workshop Political Science 2

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Doel vak

Students will be able to understand and apply the empirical cycle which
is at the basis of the scientific practice. ASL-POL-2 students use the
skills they have attained during ASL-POL-1.

During ASL-POL-2 students also apply the methodological knowledge they
gained in the courses Social Research Methodology and Research Project
Political Science.

Learning goals:

The student is able to:
(1) put forward relevant scientific literature;
(2) formulate a scientific problem based on
existing scientific insights;
(4) apply scientific methods in accordance with current scientific
(5) analyse and interpret data;
(6) present to the academic community, in writing, findings of empirical
(7) elaborate in depth various facets of the theme;
(8) share his or her expertise on a particular part of this theme with
the academic community;
(9) share valuable insights about his or her direct experience in
conducting research.

Inhoud vak

ASL-POL-2 is taught on the basis of an overarching theme related to the
course Governance and Politics of Social Problems, a course that runs
parallel to ASL-POL-2. The course builds on the first ASL-POL-1 course.
During the first part of ASL-POL-2 the different facets of the theme are
explored. In groups, the students then proceed to design a scientific
puzzle that relates to one
specific part of the theme. Upon successfully completing the course, the
student has gained expertise in the subject matter he or she has


Working group sessions and conducting your own research.


Different exams together form the final grade.

Afwijkende intekenprocedure

In this course you can not enroll yourself for the tutorials, but you will be assigned by the course coordinator. You will find to which tutorial you are assigned in your personal schedule in VUnet. Note: You do have to register for the course, with the corresponding parts!

Algemene informatie

Vakcode S_ASWPS2
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P2+3
Vakniveau 100
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
Vakcoördinator T.J. Bogers MA
Examinator T.J. Bogers MA
Docenten N. Onopriychuk MSc
K.E. Rinaldi Doligez
T.J. Bogers MA

Praktische informatie

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