Etnographic Monographs

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The aim of this course is to make students familiar with reading
ethnographies. The course builds on Core Themes in
Anthropology and on History and Theory of Anthropology, in which the
most important concepts, themes, debates and perspectives in
anthropology were presented, explained and discussed. In addition, they
will make use of the academic skills they have developed during Bachelor
Werkgroep 1, such as paraphrasing and referencing.

Learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding. The student has acquired knowledge and
understanding of:
(1) the specific knowledge obtained through ethnographic writing;
(2) a number of ethnographic monographs;
(3) a number of specific themes and discussions in anthropology.

Application. The student has acquired the competences to:
(4) assess ethnographic monographs through analyses of the structure,
approach, stylistic devices, methods, arguments and composition;
(5) search, choose, read and paraphrase academic literature.

Making judgements. The student is able to demonstrate:
(6) the ability and willingness to develop an academic attitude.

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Through ethnography anthropologists aim to find out what moves people
and how they can explain people’s ideas and practices. Ethnographic
writing skills are therefore very important in anthropology. The
students will read two ethnographic monographs (a classic and a
contemporary one) and write a short essay
with the help of some additional literature.




Written assignments


To be announced in the course manual (see CANVAS).


1st year bachelor students in Cultural Anthropology and Development

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This course is part of the curriculum strand Academic Skills. The course
starts in P2 (November - December) with a number of classes and
continues in P3 (Janu-ary), when it becomes an intensive course.

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Core Themes in Anthropology

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Vakcode S_EM2
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P2+3
Vakniveau 200
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. M.C. de Regt
Examinator dr. M.C. de Regt
Docenten dr. L.A. Brouwer
H.B. Ploegman MA MSc.
dr. M.C. de Regt

H.B. Ploegman MSc

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Werkvormen Lezing, Practicum