HP Students for a Future Society

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This course is part of the honours program of the Faculty of Social
Sciences (FSS). The aim of this course is to learn students to work in
an interdisciplinary group of students from the various FSS programs on
solutions for complex societal problems.

Learning objectives.

Knowledge and understanding: After having followed this course, students
have acquired knowledge and understanding of:

1. the complexity of social, societal and organizational problems.
Application: After having followed this course, students are able to:

2. describe complex problems and analyze them from several
(disciplinary) per-spectives taking into account all societal actors
that play a role in this;
3. formulate a potential solution grounded in social scientific theory
by applying social scientific methods;

Communication: After having followed this course, students have acquired
the skills to:
4. work out a social scientific plan or advice in order to tackle the
problem at hand.

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Future social scientists work together to analyze and solve complex
social prob-lems. Perspectives from several disciplines are needed to
solve problems in the field of integration, polarization, (un)affordable
care, the effects of modern com-munication and information technology
and governance. In Students for a Future Society students are taught how
to analyze the complexity and the multiple layers of nowadays and future
societal problems (‘wicked problems’) and to come up with potential
doable solutions to face these problems. The concept of resilience is
used as an analytical framework: what are resilient solutions? And how
does resilience of social actors on several levels (micro, meso and
macro) play a role in this complex process?


In this course the backgrounds and expertise of all participants is
being used. Honours students from six different bachelors choose a
theme, work together in small groups on a societal problem, and approach
this theme from all disciplinary perspectives. Insights from the
‘classical’ disciplines is combined with those from ‘modern’
disciplines. Students search themselves for relevant literature,
approach and interview experts in the field, and come up with a
potential solution. This solution is judged by experts (in the field).


Group report with individual contributions in which the results of the
interviews are included. This course ends with a group presentation at a
conference organized by the students themselves. Experts from the field
are invited to judge the presentations and the solutions offered.


To be announced. See CANVAS.


HP-students FSW, including PPE

Algemene informatie

Vakcode S_HPS4FS
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P5
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. C.C. Vink
Examinator dr. C.C. Vink
Docenten dr. D.B.D. Bannink
dr. W.H. van Atteveldt
drs. M.N. Jurriens
dr. M.A.C.G. van der Velden
prof. dr. R.H.F.P. Bekkers
dr. S.B. Ybema
prof. dr. P. Kerkhof
dr. C.C. Vink

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