Tutorate Communication Science yr 1

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After completing the mentor program (in year three of the Bachelor's
degree program in CW), the student is able to:
• reflect on their own study behavior and performance in order to form
an opinion as the basis for their own study planning;
• make a connection between study options, own study choices and the
desired study and work career;
• make reasoned study choices.

The first year is focused on getting to know the study program and the
faculty. During the first year of the bachelor's programme, the
following learning objectives are key:
• The student connects with the faculty and the teachers/ teacher
• The student can reflect on the study choice made and is aware of what
the (further) study entails.
• The student know which choices have to be made during the programme
(choice of specialization, participation in the honors program,
electives etc.) and makes a conscious choice in this regard.
• The student has a clear view on of the relevance of the field and the
role of communication science in society.
• The student knows where his/her interests lies and which academic and
has a insight in his/her professional competences and his/her strong and
weak points.
• During the discussions with the teacher mentor, the student reflects
on their study choice based on their experience with the content and
relevance of the courses followed.
• The student reflects on their learning style and his/her progress over
the year.

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The mentoring program is set up to welcome and support students and to
make them 'feel at home' during their studies. At the start of the first
academic year, each student is assigned a student mentor and a teacher
mentor. The student mentor is a senior student of the study program. The
student mentor familiarizes the first-year students with the VU by
teaching practical skills and by organizing activities that allow the
students to get to know the study program and fellow students better. In
addition, students get support from a teacher mentor. The teacher mentor
is a teacher of the study program who explains the structure of the
study program and also the role of the student and the teacher.
Moreover, the teacher mentor is also available to discuss certain issues
and give advice on certain questions during the program. The teacher
mentor supports the mapping of possibilities and options when students
need to make a choice during the study program, so that the students can
ultimately make better decisions themselves. The student learns to
search for and find information herself and, if necessary, makes contact
with study advisors, international office coordinators, the study
program committee and / or the examination committee. The mentor can
refer the student to the study advisor in case of problems that need
special assistance.


The mentor program consists of group meetings, individual discussions
and activities that students undertake within the framework of the


Mentor program is a compulsory part of the bachelor's degree. The first
year mentoring is completed if the student:
• is present, prepares and makes a contribution during the group
• is present, prepares and makes a contribution during the individual
• selects and performs sufficient activities from the list of optional
activities included in the manual;
• complete the final report for the first year with a pass.
Fulfilling the mentoring requirements is a condition for being able to
complete Project 2.

Afwijkende intekenprocedure

In this course you cannot enroll yourself for the tutorials, but you will be assigned by the course coordinator. Note: You do have to register for the course!

Algemene informatie

Vakcode S_TCS1
Studiepunten 0 EC
Periode Ac. Jaar (sept)
Vakniveau 0
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. K.E. Balint
Examinator dr. K.E. Balint
Docenten dr. K.E. Balint

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