Oral Rehabilitation 1: The Partially Edentulous Patient

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Competences covered according to the General Educational Framework
Dentistry 2008: I a-j (5), VI b, m, o (4)
The student has
• In-depth knowledge of complete denture prosthodontics.
• competent knowledge of fixed and removable denture prosthodontics on
natural teeth.
• in-depth knowledge of fixed and removable denture prosthodontics
related to oral implantology.
• in-depth knowledge of different occlusal schemes and their application
in implant dentistry.
• in-depth knowledge of the materials used in oral implantology and
implant prosthodontics.

Inhoud vak

In this module topics concerning the edentulous patients and their
specific problems and treatment strategies, will be further explored.
Building on the previously learned principles of occlusion in dentistry
the effects of implant loading/overloading will be covered. The student
will gain insight into the specific design of the superstructures and
the positioning of the implants when looking at the forces and dynamics
introduced by occlusion and articulation. The knowledge of materials
used in prosthetic reconstructions in oral implantology will be deepened
out when relevant to the discussed topics.


Self-study; Seminars; Assignments; Pico


Learning assessment
• Overall assessment of assignments during the seminars (grade: good /
pass / fail)
• Presentation (grade: good / pass / fail)
• Written exam (grade: 1-10)
A prerequisite for grade registration (grade 0-10) is successful
completion of the seminar assignments and the presentation. In case of a
fail for the seminar assignment(s) and/or the presentation, and a pass
for the final exam, a 5.0 will be registered and students will need to
redo the relevant seminar assignment(s).


• A choice of chapters from the following books depending on topics.
- Atlas of tooth and implants supported Prosthodontics (Weinberg)
- Glossary of Oral And Maxillofacial Implants
- Dental Implant restoration (Stuart)
- Implant Overdentures (Feine / Carlsson)
- ITI treatment guides 1-8
- Clinical periodontology and implant dentistry (Lindhe)
- Plastic esthetic periodontal and implant surgery (Hurzler)
- Mucco gingival esthetic surgery (Zucchelli)
- Crown-bridge and implants (Rutten)
- Adhesive metal free restorations (Dietschi)
- Volledig Keramische restauraties (Laverman)
• Reader with selected research papers

Algemene informatie

Vakcode T_REHAB1EPI2
Studiepunten 4 EC
Periode Ac. Jaar (sept)
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit ACTA
Vakcoördinator prof. dr. B.G. Loos MSc
Examinator prof. dr. B.G. Loos MSc
Docenten drs. E. Rikken
drs. J. Huigen
drs. P.W. van Elsas
dr. E.J. Blom

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